ONRS - EP 376 - Danielle Steel’s My Papayas

Had a fun time tonight with our buddies Sam and Trav from Samanticspodcast.com 

It's hard to put these descriptions into context, but ill try to give you a run down:

We ramble about:

Sneezing whilst peeing

Shitty xmas trees

One Arm Bathroom Attendants

Pantyhose Papayas

and then get WILD with some Samantics based clips. Including a sweet seinfeld remix and a touch of our national anthem (all star).

We end the show with talk about Old Navy and even play a little game that we ask the fans to judge.

Stick around until the end... It gets super Salacious and Sexy as we read excerpts from a well known politicians romance novels. 

Love you all, enjoy the show

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as always




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