ONRS presents Smells Like Quarantine Spirit Episode 8


Sup Quaranteam! Hope everyone is still sane and kicking. Thanks for joining us for yet another installment of this thing we call a show! On today's episode we get down our recent voyage out into the new world to go friction' grocery shopping and to the liquor store of course, how people out and about are divided between being mask and no-mask people, how we indulged in mixed cocktails all weekend with our newly obtained booze trove, our newest obsession with the game Carroms, we talk isolation filmmaking and the short film "Third Eye" (which you can peak at the links below) and do a round of table topics that brings up some fun conversation about our parents and the idea of us being parents (yikes!). Enjoy the show and we'll catch you next week. Same Covid Time, same Covid Channel. Later!

CLIPS and THINGS played or talked about on today's episode:

INTRO SONG - Beauty and The Beast Corona version by Luxenburg Sharon

What the F@$% is a carrom board you say? 

Short horror film filmed in quarantine "Third Eye" by Midnight Video

OUTRO SONG - Coronavirus song by President Trump Auto tune 


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