ONRS - Will Smith almost died

Tonight its just Owen, Ty and Zack in studio as Tom is out of town making some cheddar. That's earning money for all you squares. Anyway, Ty finds a Larabar in my house and we are forced to try it as we all have many questions, such as is it a women's only food? Owen almost pukes because of how gross it is. Once he gets his composure he asks of everyone "does anybody really care about Will Smith anymore?". The general consensus is that he's pretty overrated but that the movie "Wild Wild West" is awesome. The chat keeps Zack updated on a current football game, Zacks dad hates Will Smith and our "Mile High / Will Smith Correspondent" Duncan gives us a call. 

We then venture into the strange and intimate world of a question that's morbid and interesting... 
What was the closest you've ever come to death?
It spawns a myriad of interesting stories including duncan falling out of a jeep, rolling over cars, and missile attacks. 
We eventually get to clips in the second segment (for all clips mentioned on the show CLICK HERE) where we witness:
-This weeks greatest troll @Fart
-Earning money by standing in lines
-Ty's latest Kazakhstan'y...? Music video
-And various drones with dead animals on them
We do some Urban Diction as our segment "Products" is still on hiatus until we receive some more donations.
We love you all
Thanks for listening
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