ONRS - EP 483 - Behold the Microwave POWER!!!

Onrs - 2-11-21


What candy bars does no one eat anymore?

-nestle crunch


Good looking guys don’t get dandruff/ good skin. Seltzen blue commercial


Vape nerd commercial, stealing money from moms purse


Do businesses like uber start doing a vaccine validator?


Freddy prinze jr.hates being a sex symbol. Hated kissing on set.


Who’s the best kisser of the ohno universe?


Son of clips


Fuck the super bowl, but is anyone else interested in the first civilian trip to space

-would you do it?


The guy eating at the hotdog station at 7-11


Ty is working from home


Fuck schitts creek/ not funny


Microwave power settings


Zoolander cartoon


Johnny Moonbags with the news 









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