ONRS - 2017 - Death Pool Draft



Join us in a delightly dark tradition of the ONRS... The Celebrity Death Pool. In this podcast 19 people (including the hosts) pick 5 celebrities on a master list who they think is going to die first. The game is based on the number 100, so if someone on your team dies at 80 you recieve 20 points and get to pick again from the master list, or place your own suggestion on the list.

We are joined on the phone lines by Dabbz Kay of the Burn it Down Show 


Kyle Duce of Happy Hour with Johnny and Duce

Owen has a near meltdown trying to control the chaos, but in the end we have a fun time and somehow make it all work.

Now the fun begins,

Watch for the Angel of death Samantha in the Facebook Group as all these celebrities may be very soon eating a bag of death dicks.


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