BONUS CONTENT - Oh No at Nite - EP-1

• July 24th, 2014

As the title suggests, consider this a treat for the lack of a radio show this week. Its BONUS content, you're lucky we love you. The Oh No Media enpire is undergoing some serious change, and this may be a tiny clue into what we want to grow into. If you get the chance check out our sister broadcast at :

and of course look for us live tomorrow at 8:30pm ish at 
-eat all the bags...
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ONRS - Extinction Zoos and the Craig’s List Killer

• July 15th, 2014

Its Owen, Ty and Tom holding down the fort, as Duncan is on vacation in Denver. We talk about rape whistles, knives, Samurai swords, snakes and lawn mower problems. Tom tells of his time on the MTV show TRL, we discuss car2go, and replacement parts for dryers. Weird al is back and so are the Dinosaurs... and well tonight we receive our first call in serial killer...

Its a delightful show. Enjoy.
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ONRS - The Myrtle Beach Taxidermy Conspiracy

• July 4th, 2014

Tom is back, so the band is back together. We find out about Tom's work trip to Myrtle Beach, learn a little about Marlon Brando, and a very metal midget called meatball. We talk a bit about dwarves, metal construction, and the chatroom is working... WITH ACTUAL PEOPLE. 

To join us live, you can listen and chat at:
-Mustache Straws, Wesley Snipes, Fat BLADE...
-Fancy Glasses on display and the lack of cup innovation
-Ty's bear
- and a the new conspiracy segment "Tin Foil Helmets"
Oh yeah Bender calls in.
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ONRS - Scumday Funday

• June 27th, 2014

A very fun week...

-Owen has the shits
-Night sweats
-Laundry time + Snake
-Samurai Swords
-How you know your poor
-We all work more than we should
-The idea of a 40 work week and how its wrong
-Does Europe have the right idea?
-Ty fucks us once again...
This all happens within the first 20 min of our two hour show... imagine the rest.
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ONRS - Oh Just The Three of us

• June 20th, 2014

You know what, this one pretty much stands by itself. Its Owen, Ty, Duncan and the internet just hanging out. Very happy to have our new live stream up and running over at

Tonight gives you a taste of some brief scumbaggery, honesty, and maybe even a hint of culture. Join us next week as we have another HUGE announcement regarding the future of the ONRS and all included. 

Thanks to all that listen
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-Listen to us live and our 24/7 feed at
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ONRS - lion King and Snakes

• June 13th, 2014

Tonight features a varied old school cast, Owen, Ty, Duncan and even Kelsey... Were all in a good mood and even start things off with a bit of Disney.

Then we talk about:
Snake attacks on Owen
Comedians protesting TMZ's "Tracy Morgan's crash video"
Watchdogs (nerdtalk)
The stickers on Cd's
Clown Sex
Dolphin handjobs
Uber Taxis
Then Theresa accidentally trips the breaker. 
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• June 6th, 2014

Tonights show was probably one of the better shows ever recorded in studio. We talked are usual scumbaggery, but actually ended up being very topical. Tonight we surprise ourselves with talk of race relations, thoughts on the f-word and jonah hills apology to the world. We watch a viral video which proves racism is alive and well and follow it up with a chance of defense. 

Tom and Ty let us know a bit about and the event they are setting up for June 20th. We talk about D4nny... the worlds latest superstar, a 31 year old guy who is dating a 91 year old, and a dude who gets robbed at gunpoint in the UK, but the thieves don't notice his go pro.
follow us on our twitter: TherealONRS to find all of our videos
if your more inclined to Facebook...give this a try
-Eat a bag of dicks.
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ONRS - Bumrisma and party time with Rauce

• May 30th, 2014

Things start out a bit wacky, but you're used to that. Tonight its the usual goons, but are welcomed by a special guest in the form of stand up comedian: Rauce Padgett!  Owen pretends to understand how interviews work, we talk about the latest butt disease, "Bumrisma", deal with the worlds worst neighbor, and learn a bit about stand up. Rauce tells us of his comedy experiences and whats its like to deal with hecklers, bomb and most importantly how he approaches writing his material. 

Other Subject Matter This Evening:

-Never forget about LIMBS. 
-Stephen Hawking style standup
-performers with disabilities
-Wont you be my Neighbor!
-The Sex Factor reality tv show
-Duncan and his big weiner
-Deen not Dean
-Owen doesn't understand chat roulette 
-Lets all party down in Ames Iowa
-1997 and Zima

You're on your own with the second segment. 

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ONRS-Tom Hates our stickers. Florida’s prop 2

• May 23rd, 2014

Tom hates the stickers

Proof of concept: sticker talk

Tom is undercover scum

Birthmarks vs empataigo

Bender survived fires and has a new job

Mormon survival

Golden butthole eggs 

Zz top pubes

King 810 sucks

Show offline?

Brits love onrs

Waxing lyrical


Child prodigy v child pornography

Fuck these kids, not literally

Asian kid trumps redneck

German kid is better than Owen.

Second segment:

Weedcast in a smart way

Listen Now:

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ONRS - Grapefruits, Dogs in hotels and Stitches

• May 16th, 2014

ONRS - 5-15-14

Better show description coming soon, if you believe Duncan.
shovel sounds never get old
16 year old talk, legalities in florida
Duncan's illegitimate children
She’s back wit a grapefruit
getting grape fruited.
Owen and Theresa take another break from work and go enjoy and some poolside fun
The barking dog saga in the next hotel room
Duncan and Owen’s late night arguments about nothing.
political correctness is back in force
Owen goes a bit Glenn Beck
The pussification of america and raising men
its cool to be a pussy now
losing friends to the suburbs
Ty slaps his sister 
Changing rooms as a child
Duncan can’t shave
the gathering of the juggalos
tila tequila, asian ass, myspace whore
JT sucks, new MJ album
this is the internet … my little pony guy, john popper hat, journey shirt
solid snake fan art
Toms jail story… pizza delivery gone wrong
shit getting stolen stories
grandma has all of duncans bowl’s
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ONRS - Robot Suits and Shovels to the head

• May 8th, 2014
Flippant introductions
First jobs
Extreme couponing
4 foot Rastafarian banana on the plane
Oversized stuffed animals
Carnival games
The rope ladder game. Didn't ring the bell
Corell word perfect
The karatus mech robot suit
Teenage girl fight, ends with a bang.
Dignified fighting, or not 
A shovel is nothing to fuck with 
Ty's meandering and "elephant walk"
People recording crimes and uploading them to YouTube
Kids are dumber now
Criminal photo lab pics
Dick pics?
How do I make it stand up
Shaving balls
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ONRS - Robot dick sucking is the future

• May 1st, 2014

The Schnider files
Celebrity spit buckets
Sandwich comedy
Insight into Owens child acting experience
Actors beating up classic cars as part of the scene
Apple TV porn
Scramble vision porn
Prime star
Spice channel
Sex toys, the next in line...
The auto blow 2
Real dolls and pedos
And so much more...

Listen Now:

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ONRS - Bug talk, Donuts, Detroit

• April 23rd, 2014

ONRS - Bug talk, Donuts, Detroit

Its a rousing evening with Owen, Ty, Duncan and Travis. Things get off with a bang as we get on a serious discussion about insects.  We all share our worst stories, some are a bit horrifying as we do live in Florida. SPOILER: GIANT FUCKING ROACHES!
In Other News
Owen wants turd shoes
Duncan is a Juggalo 
Beef Jerky and other meats…Bacon Jerky
Detroit Slim Jims
Hunters tip: running deer don’t taste good.
Jack Bender calls in with donuts
We rant about:
Old school toys
homeless sweeping guy
Does Owen look homeless?
We all learn about up cycling
The gluten thing
Getting paid to get hit by a boot by a train conductor
Then theres a ton of other stuff, Just listen, and if you so desire leave us a voicemail and we’ll play it on next weeks show.
321-332-0186 or Skype ohnoradioshow
Oh, and like us on Facebook
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ONRS - Battle vests, pee talk and hotdogs

• April 19th, 2014

ONRS - 4-18-14 recap

Owen opens the show angry as he yells at his two cohorts for never making it on time and for sitting in the wrong places. It’s Owen, Ty and “tour bus” Duncan. Duncan is just over surgery and is quitting smoking so is naturally quite irritable, made even the worse hanging around with scumbags. We all talk about our smoking habits, and venture into the world of medicinal drugs and Duncan’s recent hospital experiences.
Later in the show we explore the following things:
Battle Vests
It’s Maynard’s birthday
Owen might bang Ru Paul back in the day
Bathroom adventures
The double dragon stream
Tour bus peeing / test pee
Pee Talk (totally SFW: all about meat products)
How much does a pack of hot dogs weigh?
Owen’s Nemesis is back…
Ghost snake
Freestyle walking and the dumb shoes it inspired
Soap Shoes
Toe Shoes are weird! WEAR SHOES!
No FJ's
Ty and Duncan both do the music snob quiz. We say were going to do it in the second segment... but hey we don't. For those that care, heres our scores, Ty: 54, Duncan: 84, Owen: 28
In the second segment we learn Duncan is all mixed up amongst dimensions and that were all gay for "My So Called Life". This leads to Claire Danes, the show "Blossom" and dream team 90's shows. "The Fonz" gives life lessons to Zack Morris. Apparently India doesnt have near enough toilets as we discover from a new campaign and PSA. Tang for Booze...
Don't forget to like us on Facebook at to learn when were going live over at
We give updates on the Facebook frequently, so join the fun... 
It might be a different day every week, but at least it's once a week.
Leave us a voice mail at 321-332-0186 or Skype @ ohnoradioshow
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ONRS - Gallbladders, Disney World and Wrestling

• April 12th, 2014

Owen says things.


Duncan lives 


Disney stories

Yelling at children 


Orlando doesn't suck?

Jokey Racist!

Ramble about iTunes Match 

(Not a sponsor) 

Russian Winnie the Pooh 


R.I.P Ultimate Warrior

Wilson Rocks

Travis rings in

Ty throws Tom under the bus

ONRS Wrestling Match

Your wrestling personality.

And so much more...

Listen Now:

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