ONRS - EP421 - Car Alarms and 1000 Lives

• November 8th, 2019

Enjoy the show. Full Description tomo. Smooches. FYD. EABOD.

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ONRS -EP420- To the windows, to the wall

• November 2nd, 2019

Well then. thats a show. im fucking over typing tonight. 




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ONRS - EP 419 - Hell is probably cool

• October 25th, 2019

Its Owen, Ty and Mikey B again, holding down the shitship in the best way they know how.

Owen Hates Fish, Ty has a blood blister, and Mikey is busy putting some punishment on a bag of Funyuns.

Things discussed on tonights show include:

WTF fuck is a jack fruit

Hell would probably be cool

Garfield still makes $1 billion a year

Star wars has run its course

Dominos Pizza is reaching at straws

and Howie Mandel used to really suck at everything.

Enjoy tonights show

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ONRS-EP418-Speaking Backwards with Bayne

• October 18th, 2019

Hey guys, Owen here, Little drunk, but ill try and summarise the show for you.

Our buddy Shawn Bayne stops by for the first time in the studio and we all have a fucking blast. Things get a little weird at the start as Owen's "friends" speculate on whats on his computer after he tries to show them a picture of his angry lawn tortoise. Speaking of which, Owen's Tortoise apparently likes menthol cigarettes. Other than that we discuss;

Burger Kings bringing back smoking.

A time when hearing the word S*** on TV was shocking

Orange Cassidy

El Flaco

and much much more.

We also get to discover Shawn Bayne's weird talent. He can say any word backwards almost immediately. We talk about how this came to be, how he does it and even put him to the test.

To end the show we even delve into the dark depths of our phones in our final segment "Nation of Masturbation".

Mikey has a cookie and we do some clips.

Check out "The Deep Field Now" at Wills Pub on Nov 18th.

You wont be dissapointed


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ONRS-EP 417 - Dick Nails

• October 11th, 2019

Well that one was weird, if you havent gathered from the title already. Essentially we ponder life with no finger nails, but nails on our dicks. Yep, pretty highbrow stuff. Mikey shows up late, Ty hates people who cut nails in public, and Owen is freaking out his neighbours. 

We do some clips, talk about german class, and even bring back an old favourite at the end of the show.




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ONRS-EP416-Stingray Handjob

• October 5th, 2019

Stingray Handjob.

Do i need to say much more?



407-906-6466 for live calls and voicemails


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ONRS - EP 415 - Zack Attack 2019

• September 27th, 2019

Well, the neanderthal is back and hes after titties! Zack says some very crude things about women and boobs and basically made our show into a Bill o' Reilly robot. 

Anyway, we do some clips, some verses, talk about tits and nerd rage.

Join us on thursdays at 8:30PM EST over at TWITCH.TV/ONRSLIVE

$2 for all sorts of bonus content over at patreon.com/ONRS

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ONRS - EP 413 - Special Needs Seagull

• September 21st, 2019

On tonights show we talk about a special needs seagull thats been hanging around Owen's house, if Dictators like the term "dictator" and if its cool to leave hooks in turtles mouths when fishing.

Its Owen, Ty and Mikey B in studio as we also take a look at Scruff Magruff gun safety videos, a fabulous mashup and a new classic for big butts. 

Owen's wife wants her own apartment, everyone hates Owen at his work orientation for being a know it all and we do a verses with various types of aliens in honor of the area 51 raid.

Enjoy. its fun.



LIVE ON THURSDAYS AT 8:30pm EST at twitch.tv/onrslive


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ONRS-EP412-The Secrets that you keep, Podcasting in your sleep.

• September 13th, 2019

Tonight we welcome a long time friend of ohno and one of the first ever people to bullshit on a mic with Owen. Jordan joins us to recount tales of Owen's glory and genius as a podcast and rock and roll superstar. 

Ty and Mikey also join us.

Mikey is all "Banged up" on energy drink and Ty falls asleep.

We discuss Moths, Jordans Golden voice, and postmates chicks stealing fries.

Baby showers are stupid, south africans have weird accent and balls do get bigger when you have kids.





leave us a voicemail at 407-906-6466

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ONRS - EP 411 - Hurricane Condoms and Tool

• August 31st, 2019

Oh No. Theres a hurricane coming. Better clean up the yard and buy beer.

Enjoy the show. Too tired to write a description. But be safe, will check in with you next week when this shit passes.

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ONRS - EP 410 - Federal Marshall Ubers and Picking New Bodies

• August 23rd, 2019

Great show tonight with the magical threesome that is Ty, Mikey B and Owen. Tonight we discuss.

-Is Oprah Monsanto with her cauliflower products?

-People that pay with cards at 7-11 for $1 purchases



-The Movie Self/Less

-and picking your own body.







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ONRS-EP409-Bug Spray in Mouth and Needles in Eyes

• August 16th, 2019

Another episode of the Oh No Radio Show is back with ya boys from the hood. Well not really, but Mike B stops by for half a show, so that was nice. He was apparently way to busy recording his other podcast, and or making tacos...Probably tacos.

Anywhat-the-fuck. Tonight we have special guest, listener and friend of the Oh No Radio Show, and superstar bald Orlando actor Brian Wynne.

Brian tells us of times past whilst working in shitty restaurants. We tell tales of dinner theaters and terribly themed eating establishments and even rant about a smelly guy at 7-11.

Of course we do clips

Of course Mike B shouldnt get rabbits

qne or course we talk about someone getting surgery and needles to the eye.

We love you, Thanks for listening





twitch.tv/onrslive (Thursday's at 8:30pm EST)


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ONRS - EP 408 - Ty Hits a car again

• August 11th, 2019

Hey guys, sorry for no show on Thursday. Someone had to work and pay for his clavicle bills. Anyhow, we decided to give you a random Saturday show instead with just me (Owen) and Ty. 

In this one we ramble on about:

Ty's Clothes being held together by safety pins

Owen's Car smelling of death

Songs that get stuck out of your head from nowhere

Ty and Mikey B's Secret Podcast


Mowing yards... and hitting cars





just look us up you lazy assholes.


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ONRS - EP407 - Bubble Jibbers and Women’s Rights

• August 2nd, 2019

Tonights show was an absolute blast, we got the tales of Mikey B trying to behave at a work conference, the joys of handjobs in hottubs, and some loud ass frogs that our ruining Owen's life. 

We ramble on about:

The Tunity APP

Getting fitted for suits 

and the new Aziz Ansari special.

Samantha of Samanticspodcast.com gives us a call at the tail end of the show to tell us how wrong we are about womens rights, and we even address the rat that was found on Owen's doorstep.

Enjoy the show



leave a voicemail at 407.906.6466



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ONRS - EP 406 - Sting your Coochie Difusie

• July 26th, 2019

Courtesy of Sam, our show title should just about say it all.





Enjoy the show. 

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