ONRS - Losing Dogs and Grand theft Blowjobs

• November 21st, 2014

Tonight Owen is back from his cruise and we quickly learn of his arrival by way of him losing a friends friends dog. We examine the latest Juggalo invasion in Portland, Oregon, and Duncan lets us know of the hipsters he and his people want to eradicate. The video game Grand Theft Auto 5 gets a release for the new gaming systems featuring some very saucy POV type hooker action. Bill Cosby seems like he's fucked by allegations of rape and Owen contends that at his age he has nothing to lose and may be a loose rape cannon.

The boys made some new songs and as always we feature PRODUCTS!
We love you dearly, try not to eat all the dicks.
Oh yeah. Donate your money.
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ONRS - Oh No At Night…Ish

• November 13th, 2014

Oh No Radio Show is out for the week, instead we present to you a glimpse of a new show coming soon on Ohnomedia.com and the OHNO Empire. Join us for a fun filled evening with Owen, Jack, Jeff and Zack.

Owens on vacation, real show next week. Promises.
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ONRS -Cattitude

• November 6th, 2014

This show is dedicated to Vera Crimp, a loving parent and grandmother.

Tonight its just the Trio of Owen, Ty and Tom, but we are joined via phone by Duncan and our good friend Bender.
Owen talks about ideas for new podcasts and the show explores the world of cat podcasting.
We watch a video of a guy in iceland who's really pissed off by daylight savings time 
and we hear of tales of frogs in Owens laundry room.
Show ends abruptly for obvious reasons, but all in all a good time for everyone involved.
Until next time
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ONRS - Oh No Podcast Pants

• October 31st, 2014

Tonight was a very special night. We not only embraced the scumbaggery, but we had the honor of being joined by two new friends from local podcast Answer Pants here in Orlando Fl. To be more specific we are joined by @etchie and @thisischico of the Rampant Radio Network. We learn a bit about each other, but promptly get into Owen's Clips:

Aside from all the clips, we get to exchange podcast stories, learn a bit about each other and at the end of the day "Shake Pod Hands". Much love to everything and everyone Rampant Radio and Answer Pants. We welcome you back anytime.
Give us some love
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ONRS - The Chicken Club Featuring Clay Robertson

• October 24th, 2014

ONRS - The Chicken Club Featuring Clay Robertson

Tonights show has all the elements of greatness. Scumbaggery, Beers, and even a local stand up comedian. Tonight we welcome Clay Robertson to the studio to participate in our weekly shenanigans. Many a thing was discussed including Clay’s podcast “Stand up and personal” and the appropriate length of a podcast. We enjoy some fun from the chat room and as usual get into some of the best clips of the week. We feature a Bus tour operator that really hates china town, fantasize about the possibility of a hover board, and learn all about the Chicken Club
Stay tuned till the end as we get Clay to tell the real story about the "Orlando Louis C.K Comedy Hoax".
We want to thank you for listening and ask you to subscribe on iTunes and like us on Facebook. Look to the link to the Right ---->
Much love, and as always… 
-Eat a bag of dicks. 
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ONRS - Manscaping Techniques and Crystal Meth Nazis

• October 16th, 2014

Hey Scumbags, show was a day early this week due to scheduling conflicts, but we know you'll love it just the same. Tonight has a plethora of content, a lot of it featuring boobs. We talk endlessly about Manscaping and all our techniques. We even feature the worlds greatest advancement in umbrella technology. Thats right folks, this show truly has it all! Oh yeah and don't forget Crystal Meth Nazis.

Twitter @TherealONRS
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ONRS - Cover the balls and some phone calls

• October 10th, 2014

Its a trio of scumbaggery tonight as Ty and Tom join Owen in the studio for a late but albeit fun show. The boys got together at an Oktoberfest event earlier this week and talk about all it's trappings. We then venture into talks of the "Bully Movement" and determine that Ty was Biff from Home Alone. 

Tonight we explore
-The wolf who cried Ebola on a plane
-an old fake panhandler
-the GTA Pacifist
-the Scroguard
and a cop who profiles a kid for drugs because he plays Disc (frisbee) Golf
In the second segment we take a few calls from a few characters, get hard over Breaking Bad and end the show with Ty talking about nipple ejaculation. 
Enough said.
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ONRS - Sex hands and Fuck Steven Hawking

• October 2nd, 2014

Well here we go folks! Its a full studio tonight and the scumbaggery is rampant. 

On Tonights Show:

- Multiple orgasms   
-Hair Baby's
-Teacher Threesomes 
-feeding granma playdo 
-the hurricane masturbation mission
-Missing Blockbuster
-The future of film
-Creeps at wawa
-Line Etiquette  
-Steven Hawking's is bullshit
-Tall asians, craigslist killers, and so much more...
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ONRS - Mylanta

• September 26th, 2014

On this show:

3 Boobs
Pot usage
In game app purchases 
ramen puke
foot fetish
doomsday preppers
Toms back, Jimi's here, its a hell of a night.
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ONRS - Did we just Podwar or something?

• September 19th, 2014

Its another Thursday with the boys of the Oh No Radio Show, and tonight were pretty sure we just won a Podwar. Not entirely sure what that is, but it happened and we won. Its Owen, Duncan and Ty holding down the fruits of scumbaggery whilst taking some calls and ranting about a multitude of mind vomit. Love to you all... Eat all the bags with the biggest of dicks.

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ONRS - Wedding Booms, Mike Tyson and ROBOTS

• September 12th, 2014
On tonight's show:

Tall Asians
Sex after the wedding
beating off in hotel rooms
Fantasy Tom parties
Fireworks at the Stitches show in Orlando
Duncan, pulse of the hip hop community
Pumpkin Shit…The worst of all the flavors
Robots and Robot sex
Tricking the sex bit
Smart Appliances
Video Games and Social media fucking
The second segment features
As promised UZTV.com 
Check out Disck
and UZTV 
With that, Eat a bag of Dicks.
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ONRS - The Story of Ty’s Genitals

• September 5th, 2014

The radio show is on top form this week as within the first 2 min Ty's Genitals were mentioned. We increase this number as the show continues and we encourage you to all play a drinking game with the subject matter. We talk about spilling coffee on yourself, napping at work and the British colored debate.

We watch a welshman drink a 5th of jack daniels in 12 seconds and discuss .BAC's and DUI's...
Then we follow it up with a video of guy's guessing there assholes out of a line up.
A lady is in the studio and we clearly don't have any decorum.
This is the ohnoradioshow and you fucking love it.
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ONRS - Toms Fired

• August 29th, 2014

Toms Fired. just kidding, sort of, anyhow its a fucking show kids. So eat it up then give me money and make me rich... Thats how this works right?

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ONRS -Dunqua man

• August 22nd, 2014

To put it simply, tonights show was a lot of fun. I want to thank Ross McCoy for spending sometime chatting with us and letting us steal all his fame juice. 

This episode speaks for itself. Thanks for listening.
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ONRS - The retarded angel, kicked the retarded devil in the retarded nuts.

• August 15th, 2014

Another Thursday has passed and with it comes another edition of the oh no radio show. We open with the best intro in the business, but then turn our eyes to something a bit too serious for us. The week has been rough for those of us pay attention to the news, and we attempt to understand whats going on in Ferguson and St. Louis, Missouri. Ultimately we try to grasp the horrors of the Michael Brown tragedy along with its aftermath.

We lighten the mood with some talk about a new sex toy know as the "sex bit". Yes its exactly what you think it is. Looking for a sponsor.

We imagine our alternate selves and even get a peek of the other side the universe at the top of the second segment. (these guys really love jesus)

We then take a look at some movies made "by people with disabilities for people with disabilities". No intention on being cruel, but damn if they didn't make me laugh. 
Check out all of the videos mentioned in this show HERE:

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