ONRS - EP 259 - The Best of Orlando’s Car Troubles

• August 25th, 2016

Hey Guys, Owen here with a shit description that will be a placeholder for the real one. On this show its just Owen and Zack holding down the shit ship. Owen gives us a run down of his car troubles, asks who wants to see Leslie Jones naked, and even hits on Zacks mom. Our buddy Circa calls in to promote his BIRTHDAY show at wills on Monday the 29th with Eugene Snowden and we even get around to some clips.

- A little black man shows up claiming he's not a baby
-A couple climbs to the highest construction crane in China
-Some asshole throws water balloons on people for youtube hits
and some cool teacher raps for his 4th grade class

In the second segment, Swervey Jones from the swervey jones show calls in as does our old friend Etchie to chat about the controversy with the Orlando Weekly polls. 

Ill fix all this tomo, and add all the links. Until then EABOD

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ONRS - EP 258 - Eat Your Crusts

• August 19th, 2016

Coming at you this week slightly shorter but still chock-full of Oh No Goodness! Sharing this thursday's first half with the premiere of our new series OH NO SHOWCASE we packed our usual show into about an hour in the second set. Here is some of the stuff we discussed: 
- Zack re-counts the Hit and Run that occurred to his car during break -WTF!
9 out of 10 olympians drank milk and Owen didn't like breast milk as a baby
- Eat your crusts and take out the trash
- Our Buddy Mark Hales from WAXING LYRICAL Podcast Calls in
- Dont "Nick" your dick with a razor.
CLIPS this week delivered it's usual WTF goodness: (WATCH CLIPS)

- Drunk guy SHITS himself but gives ZERO SHITS
- Olympian and World's dumbest interview Ryan Lochte
- Some trashy broad gets her butt hole tattooed
- We explore FSU Face-Eater's youtube alter ego AUSTI-FROSTI
- We preview a trailer for basically BOLLYWOOD MAD MAX

Thanks for listening and E.A.B.O.D.

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OH NO SHOWCASE - Vol 1: Kevin Maines

• August 19th, 2016

Tonight we kicked off the very first OH NO SHOWCASE as the first hour of programming on our regular thursday night show. The Showcase incorporated with our good friend and co-host Jessica Pawli will feature a local musical act once a month with live performances. Our first guest was local singer and song-writer Kevin Maines. Kevin sits down and talks to us about his upbringing, his musical influences, his journey as a musician as well as his return to the orlando music scene with a full band this coming saturday at Wills Pub.  Stay tuned for more announcements of future showcases and make sure to check out our guest and event links below:

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ONRS - EP 257 - Toe-Dazzling Tornado Talks

• August 12th, 2016

Here we go! The gang got together in full force and brought out a good old fashioned ONRS throw down in this week's episode. Some of the many topics we chewed through were: 
- Owen recalls his early morning (1pm for Owen) encounter with his partying neighbor
-  Zack tells us of his recent venture into the gaming world with his PS4 purchase
- We talk about how we do and do not Vacuum nearly enough.
- Owen enchants us with his purchase to attend a WRESTLING DINNER THEATRE
- We Romance the idea of OH-NO-IT-OUT our new Make Over Show fantasy idea
- Of course we have to talk about the freakin' OLYMPICS!!! MERICA!!!
- Ty brings us into the world of Pedicures with his Toe-Tastic Tales
-VERSUS! Gets deep and dirty with hard hitting head to heads
- We Announced next week's launch of OH NO PRESENTS - Gonna be sweet

CLIPS this week delivered it's usual WTF goodness: (WATCH CLIPS)

- The Late Canadian Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack
- How to succeed with Brunettes and be a misogynistic douche
- Some DIY Demon summoning spell craft by Nick
- 3 Ways to Break your dick with Dennis Rodman

Thanks for listening and E.A.B.O.D.

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ONRS - EP 256 - Snooze Buttons, Aliens and 68 Impalas

• August 4th, 2016

Another episode has came and gone and ready for you to treat your eardrums with. With the forgettable foursome all in the studio for a second consecutive week we get into the following smathering of topics and chatter: 

- The pains of walking up and the perils of the snooze button
- We talk monogomy. Sharing household duties with our significant others,pet peeves.
- Ty gives us the break down of his house party birthday bash for his buddy over the weekend.
- We share stories of worst pranks we've experienced while drunk - Zack's takes the cake though..
- Owen recounts his porch encounter with the extra-terrestrial this week
- We talk first cars. Zack tells us about his coveted 68 Impala he scored and all it's majesty.
- VERSUS graces us with another segment this week with some serious head to head match-ups.

CLIPS this week delivered it's usual WTF goodness: (WATCH CLIPS)

- Luke Aikins freakin' INSANE sky diving stunt
- Campfire Stories for Dogs
- Noah's Food Review of Meeewhi-call Whip
- Living as an Adult Baby

Make sure you head over to Orlando Weekly and CAST YOUR VOTE for Oh No Radio Show for "Best Local Podcast"


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ONRS - EP 255 - Shit Possible

• July 28th, 2016

Show description coming tomo, if i decide not to go to the pool...


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ONRS EP 254 - Chico and Graham

• July 22nd, 2016

Tonight we are down a man and up a man... as Tom is at Comi-con but we friend of the show "Chico" in studio. We talk about quitting things, catch up with Chico and discuss the merits of pretzels. 


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ONRS - EP 253 - Michael Keaton and Bird Cloud

• July 15th, 2016

What a Jam-packed episode this was! First we had our good friend Jessica Pawli in promoting her upcoming event SOUL FRIED SUNDAY Orlando United edition which is going on this sunday over on Mills 50. The event is being held to aid donation to PULSE Recovery. 

Check out all the information regarding this wonderful event over at it's 

Secondly, Jessica brought with her CIRCA. Circa is a local musician who is nominated for Orlando Weekly's Best of 2016 "Best Local Soul Act" and boy let me tell you after hearing his two live performances in studio he sure has our vote! 

You can check out more of CIRCA and his music over at his FACEBOOK PAGE

Some other highlights on the show were as follows:

- Discussions about the first ever albums we ever bought
- The Magic of Michael Keaton, especially 90's Michael Keaton
- Jessica bestows us with BIRDCLOUD, a female folk duo with dirty mouths
- Jessica Announces an Incredible event coming to Mills 50 for New Years Eve 2016

CLIPS this week gave us some gems: (WATCH CLIPS)

- New Ashley Madison Ad Campaigns
- New LITTLE BIG Music Video
- Angry Pokemon Fan
- Awkward Bon Jovi

Make sure you head over to Orlando Weekly and CAST YOUR VOTE for Oh No Radio Show for "Best Local Podcast"



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ONRS - EP#252 - The NO Sign and Dirty Kitchens

• July 7th, 2016

Today Owen's laptop crashed, he is mad. He had to fuck with computers and audio gear for about 7 hours to make this show possible. Everything turns out ok and the show is actually pretty much awesome. We get tons of congratulations from everyone because were big shots now...
Oh No Radio Show... Nominee for Orlando Weekly's Best Podcast in Orlando! PLEASE VOTE FOR US NOWany way we get calls from pretty much EVERYONE! including Duce from "A happy hour with Johnny and Duce"We get a check in from "The Don" and we do some......


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ONRS-EP #251 - The Three Fingers of Penning

• June 30th, 2016
Full Show Description will be posted later, but heres a playlist of the clips mentioned on tonights show

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ONRS - EP 250 - Kringle time in Lizard Land

• June 23rd, 2016

Hey guys, were back once again with a full crew on our regular day. After the recent events, it feels nice to have us all sit down a just do a regular god damn show. Tonight we talk about our weeks, how much imagine dragons suck, and Tom's recent trip to Wisconsin where he met a Ty doppleganger. We do clips and verses and some other shit. I dont know what we talked about, but it was good, you should just listen and get with it bro...
Anyway, thanks for listening,

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ONRS - EP 249 - We are Orlando, We are Love

• June 18th, 2016

Tonight we reflect on the tragedy that has hit our community hard. We regroup and have some laughs. We love you all. Ill finish up this silly show description tomo. 


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ONRS - EP 248 - Whats a Merkin?

• June 10th, 2016

ONRS - EP 248 - Whats a Merkin?

Hello to my fellow degenerates, thanks so much for taking the time to listen to Orlando’s best kept secret shit ship. Tonight we start the show reminiscing about “The Greatest” and just how amazing the man was not only in the ring but on a microphone. 

"I’ve wrestled with alligators,

I’ve tussled with a whale.

I done handcuffed lightning

And throw thunder in jail.

You know I’m bad.

just last week, I murdered a rock,

Injured a stone, Hospitalized a brick.

I’m so mean, I make medicine sick.”

Moving on, heres what happened on the show:

-Sexy Names

-Old Names

-Do chicks in other countries dig American accents?

-Ty almost had a threesome in Australia at 13 years old.

-Death Pool UPDATE

-Best of the bad beers

-“I Speak English” T-shirt

-Zack’s Recipe Time

-Ty’s Dating/Tinder adventures

-Ty’s Tinder profile

-Owen goes to see some wrestling and hates on some smarks

-Everyone has a wrestling theme




Then its time for CLIPS!

For those of you listening on a podcast app but can see this description... Just search on youtube for ohno media and look under the playlist tab to find playlists for all of the clips from our shows by date.

-Shin Kicking contests

-UFC hat stealing

-Sketchy Hotel Keys

-Boob Louge

-Kayne thinks he’s Wreck it Ralph

Are Kanye and Trump just a joke… a stunt? no? oh good god what have we done….Then its time for break….holy shit.. this is a lot of awesome.

Just think, theres a whole other hour where we talk about Merkins... you know...Female BUSH WIGS!!!!


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ONRS - EP 247 - Hippos are dicks and Watson goes worldstar

• June 2nd, 2016

I know ive been slacking with these descriptions lately, but this show is full of awesome. Maybe Zack will step up and write some shit. Im doing this on a work night and should already be in bed, so please excuse my lack of shits given. Find a list of the clips in our Facebook group. facebook.com/groups/ohnoradioshow

Lots of love, ill tidy this up soon, but for now at least you can listen to the most hated show in Orlando... "ONRS".


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ONRS - EP 246 - Trump VS Johnny Cash

• May 28th, 2016

Misleading Title. Dont really care because it was a fucking awesome show. I'll do full show notes later today, but for now this is what you get.

My love to you all. 


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