ONRS - Did we just Podwar or something?

• September 19th, 2014

Its another Thursday with the boys of the Oh No Radio Show, and tonight were pretty sure we just won a Podwar. Not entirely sure what that is, but it happened and we won. Its Owen, Duncan and Ty holding down the fruits of scumbaggery whilst taking some calls and ranting about a multitude of mind vomit. Love to you all... Eat all the bags with the biggest of dicks.

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ONRS - Wedding Booms, Mike Tyson and ROBOTS

• September 12th, 2014
On tonight's show:

Tall Asians
Sex after the wedding
beating off in hotel rooms
Fantasy Tom parties
Fireworks at the Stitches show in Orlando
Duncan, pulse of the hip hop community
Pumpkin Shit…The worst of all the flavors
Robots and Robot sex
Tricking the sex bit
Smart Appliances
Video Games and Social media fucking
The second segment features
As promised UZTV.com 
Check out Disck
and UZTV 
With that, Eat a bag of Dicks.
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ONRS - The Story of Ty’s Genitals

• September 5th, 2014

The radio show is on top form this week as within the first 2 min Ty's Genitals were mentioned. We increase this number as the show continues and we encourage you to all play a drinking game with the subject matter. We talk about spilling coffee on yourself, napping at work and the British colored debate.

We watch a welshman drink a 5th of jack daniels in 12 seconds and discuss .BAC's and DUI's...
Then we follow it up with a video of guy's guessing there assholes out of a line up.
A lady is in the studio and we clearly don't have any decorum.
This is the ohnoradioshow and you fucking love it.
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ONRS - Toms Fired

• August 29th, 2014

Toms Fired. just kidding, sort of, anyhow its a fucking show kids. So eat it up then give me money and make me rich... Thats how this works right?

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ONRS -Dunqua man

• August 22nd, 2014

To put it simply, tonights show was a lot of fun. I want to thank Ross McCoy for spending sometime chatting with us and letting us steal all his fame juice. 

This episode speaks for itself. Thanks for listening.
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ONRS - The retarded angel, kicked the retarded devil in the retarded nuts.

• August 15th, 2014

Another Thursday has passed and with it comes another edition of the oh no radio show. We open with the best intro in the business, but then turn our eyes to something a bit too serious for us. The week has been rough for those of us pay attention to the news, and we attempt to understand whats going on in Ferguson and St. Louis, Missouri. Ultimately we try to grasp the horrors of the Michael Brown tragedy along with its aftermath.

We lighten the mood with some talk about a new sex toy know as the "sex bit". Yes its exactly what you think it is. Looking for a sponsor.

We imagine our alternate selves and even get a peek of the other side the universe at the top of the second segment. (these guys really love jesus)

We then take a look at some movies made "by people with disabilities for people with disabilities". No intention on being cruel, but damn if they didn't make me laugh. 
Check out all of the videos mentioned in this show HERE:

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ONRS - Weather Wars, Ant Farms and fat BJ Lips

• August 7th, 2014

  The gang gets together a day earlier than usual, but things end up working out quite well. Tonight were honored by the full crew, even including our good friend Tom. Tonight we get into Weather wars, Gigantic Tropids, and Ant farms. The internet is a dangerous hateful place, but we love comment sections. We have a deep first segment that is nicely punctuated by a call from the shows #1 Gay friend, Christian. Were all skeptical of a new fan... and just hope they continue to listen and give us money.

Is this a joke, is this real, is this Aspergers? THIS GUY NEEDS A GIRLFRIEND
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ONRS - And then That happened

• August 1st, 2014

Tonights show went a little bit differently. Im not afraid to say this one may or may not have been a bit of a mistake. Either way, we deliver some of the strangest content to grace our feed.

Please excuse the ridiculousness and enjoy another episode of the "Oh No Radio Show".
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ONRS - Supermarket Creep

• July 25th, 2014

Well here we go, its another thursday amongst the scumbags. Tonight its Owen, Duncan and Tom, holding down the fort, with show favorite Bender giving us a call. Owen tells stories of lawn abuse and stolen lobsters. Duncan brings stories from time spent in the smoke filled mile high city. Bender calls, and everyone reflects on the greatness that was 90's game shows.

Check out: 
and twitter @therealonrs
Skype us and leave us a voicemail at you guessed it... OHNORADIOSHOW

oh and EABOD
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BONUS CONTENT - Oh No at Nite - EP-1

• July 24th, 2014

As the title suggests, consider this a treat for the lack of a radio show this week. Its BONUS content, you're lucky we love you. The Oh No Media enpire is undergoing some serious change, and this may be a tiny clue into what we want to grow into. If you get the chance check out our sister broadcast at :

and of course look for us live tomorrow at 8:30pm ish at mixer.com/ohnoradioshow 
-eat all the bags...
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ONRS - Extinction Zoos and the Craig’s List Killer

• July 15th, 2014

Its Owen, Ty and Tom holding down the fort, as Duncan is on vacation in Denver. We talk about rape whistles, knives, Samurai swords, snakes and lawn mower problems. Tom tells of his time on the MTV show TRL, we discuss car2go, and replacement parts for dryers. Weird al is back and so are the Dinosaurs... and well tonight we receive our first call in serial killer...

Its a delightful show. Enjoy.
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ONRS - The Myrtle Beach Taxidermy Conspiracy

• July 4th, 2014

Tom is back, so the band is back together. We find out about Tom's work trip to Myrtle Beach, learn a little about Marlon Brando, and a very metal midget called meatball. We talk a bit about dwarves, metal construction, and the chatroom is working... WITH ACTUAL PEOPLE. 

To join us live, you can listen and chat at: www.Mixlr.com/ohnoradioshow
-Mustache Straws, Wesley Snipes, Fat BLADE...
-Fancy Glasses on display and the lack of cup innovation
-Ty's bear
- and a the new conspiracy segment "Tin Foil Helmets"
Oh yeah Bender calls in.
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ONRS - Scumday Funday

• June 27th, 2014

A very fun week...

-Owen has the shits
-Night sweats
-Laundry time + Snake
-Samurai Swords
-How you know your poor
-We all work more than we should
-The idea of a 40 work week and how its wrong
-Does Europe have the right idea?
-Ty fucks us once again...
This all happens within the first 20 min of our two hour show... imagine the rest.
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ONRS - Oh Just The Three of us

• June 20th, 2014

You know what, this one pretty much stands by itself. Its Owen, Ty, Duncan and the internet just hanging out. Very happy to have our new live stream up and running over at www.mixlr.com/ohnoradioshow.

Tonight gives you a taste of some brief scumbaggery, honesty, and maybe even a hint of culture. Join us next week as we have another HUGE announcement regarding the future of the ONRS and all included. 

Thanks to all that listen
-Rate us 5 stars on iTunes... every show
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ONRS - lion King and Snakes

• June 13th, 2014

Tonight features a varied old school cast, Owen, Ty, Duncan and even Kelsey... Were all in a good mood and even start things off with a bit of Disney.

Then we talk about:
Snake attacks on Owen
Comedians protesting TMZ's "Tracy Morgan's crash video"
Watchdogs (nerdtalk)
The stickers on Cd's
Clown Sex
Dolphin handjobs
Uber Taxis
Then Theresa accidentally trips the breaker. 
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