Oh No Radio Show - Ep 463 - Bass Pro Hats

• September 18th, 2020

Owen, Ty and Mikey welcome Tom back to the show.

We discuss:

South Park and our love of the show.

Give us your free subs

Ty's Painted Toes at the pool hall

Brimleys diabetes Socks

Brimley was in a Star wars movie

DIagrams of outdoorsy types

Subaru vs Silverado

Bass Pro Vs LL Bean

Congrats to Simon Times Trivia!

Trump Toaster and Aryian Breads


Owens new washer

Owen Visits Price Busters

Owen Fixes the Washer and dryer.


Brittany Spears... Hotter and Crazier

Wild Car stories

OH NO presents the Casting Couch with minimal

What are you watching

80's was the golden era for Cops.




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ONRS - EP 462 - Get your bob on the Magic Shell Weiner

• September 11th, 2020

Show notes 9-10-20

"Magic Shell Weiner"

Show Liqour Sponsor: Burnetts Raspberry


Hail the Onion King.

Onion Poops!

New Shirts.... IN PURPLE!

Andre the Giants Pubes

Mike B vs Ty in a Lawn Battle

Mikes Time as a Lawn Man

Mike is Jake the Snake 2020

Ty's high thoughts

do your teeth have a taste?

Owen Pooped a tooth


Gallagers budweiser commercial

Todd White Preachs

Would you let Jesus finish you off

Remove the name boneless chicken wings

The Happy Hot Dog Man

We are Germans

Screaming Speakers

Complaint systems

Owens anti-chopsticks

Penis powerup noises.

Moonbags news

Smoking Ants will get you high

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ONRS - EP 461 - The Onion Challenge

• September 4th, 2020

One of our more visual shows, that you can see over at Twitch.tv/onrs or at our youtube: Ohno media

That being said, a true treat to the ears.

Will Mikey eat all the onions?

What will we he do if he doesnt?

How will 7 raw onions and 2 chomps be consumed?

Listen to find out.

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ONRS presents Smells Like Quarantine Spirit Episode 14

• September 1st, 2020


We are back once again for an all new episode of Smells Like Quarantine Spirit. It's been about a month since we last spoke so Kath and I catch you up on what we've been up to (Spoiler:NOTHING) plus talk about what's happening in the world of Covid-19 and this festering virus hotspot we call America. Also on the show today we have another interview! This time I welcome to the show none other than my sister Ashley Barile all the way from Massachusetts! Ash and I talk about a broad range of topics. Hitting on life in the pandemic, staying healthy both physically and mentally, working in the health care industry during all this and what keeps us occupied during these boring times. Thanks for listening and stay tuned for another episode in the near future. Stay safe, wash your hands and pull your damn mask up over you nose! Later!


INTRO SONG - Chromeo - "Clorox Wipe"

OUTRO SONG - Chromeo - "Roni' Got Me Stressed Out"

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ONRS - EP 460 - Laser Grass and Mini Abe Lincoln

• August 29th, 2020

Full Show description soon, Blame Mikey B...



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ONRS - EP459 - Jeff Foxworthy’s Armpits

• August 21st, 2020

JOIN US!  For another rousing episode of the greatest show to ever exist... The Oh No Radio Show!!!!

You'll experience such intellectual topics such as:

Owen's Opening Story
new words for dongs
Ty's High Thoughts
1)8 inch girth
2)cookie jarvis corn eating
3)Fat Nerd Wow Gamer
4) DJ Khaled "Greece"
5) Numbers by SoyTiet
6)Thats the workout

2nd half
Owen Broke His washer Again.. and threw up!
Owens cranky and dirty
Tic tacs are delicious
body hair strimming and such
Owens young acting careeer
moon bag news
Elmers glue tanker turn-over. Several cars stuck for hours.
Fancy Disney Clowns, On longer delay... Cirque Du Soleil

Owens acting career. 
Young girl with rocks meets puppet boy.
owen hates new phones
they got bigger then smaller then bigger
thecnology changes with Owen
Owens Insta cart adventures





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ONRS - Ep458 - A Dusting of Downey and Moth Splaining

• August 14th, 2020

Mikey B was trusted with writing the show description this week, I think he did a wonderful job. This is what follows:

Topics for 8-13-20

-Big onion challenge
 rock and roll cahsews
 ty loves all the nuts
 date of onion challenge first week of september
 donation available for onion challenge
 Onion Smoothie
 Sam says no sauce... hard line
-owens spectrum is not working right
 owen has a few and calls
 45 minute wait
 Whole system is down
 owen wants to call the supervisor
 william is the supervisor
 dont be so hard on bill
 owen backs down like a pussy
 owens chatting on his service call
call customer service people and make friends.. new bit.
 trick them to be friends.
whats the feelings on milk
 TG Lee isnt that bad by ty standdards
 not a lot of milk drinkers
Owens jealous of the golf cart guy.
 mike talks about his golf cart days
 Owen wants legal drunk driving.
 cool golf cart guy that owen wants to be
Ty's Minnesota report
 ty's high father son sandwich time
 what kinda cut? straight diagonal. double diagonal.
 potatoe chips sandwich

clip1 CLOONER- King of farmington
 Rap from michigan. 
 Farmington white boy, with a disjointed flow.
 Moves, ass. dusting of the downy

clip2 King Maney- Addicted to Ink
 Poor dude is just covered in bad tats
 contradicting himself with his own lyrics
 pays for tats or not?

Clip 3 Yukon 800
 Drops his passenger.
 Moose Soup
 Dirty Son of A...

Clip4 Moth Man- Landis Harry Larry
 Tys new project.very trippy..
 mothsplaining incident

 Owen is upset about his english face.

Second segment

Owen enjoys his toilet time.
Ty is a mid-range poo
Mikes black poo nugget.

Owen Hates a rok auto commercial.
 Owen wants a to strangle the rock auto commerical.
 Owen hates Rok Auto.
 Rok auto is a bunch of Jabroni's
MIke B's gaming corner
Ty's octopus

Owen cries at love on the spectrum
Owen doubts their level of spectrum.
Mike B is a man child

Owen's got a Mcmansion going up next to his little duplex.
owen doesnt like it. 
He wants it to stay trashy.
why dont hippies chain themselves to trees.
Steve-O tapes himself to billboard!
Owens smelly red head guy gets hired and refired.
Mike B 
owens got a papaya tree sooo big!

 Happy Tapioca
 udders badders
 getting the old cotton eyed joe




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ONRS - EP457 - AlienFood and Cheddar Bay Biscuits

• August 7th, 2020

On Tonights show the boys discuss:

Can you vape underwater

What foods would you give aliens in a first contact scenario ?

What Trio should the Ohno boys dress up in costume as for halloween ?

Cheddar bay biscuits are delicious

What happened to Mr T?

Marty Janetty probably killed multiple people

Banned Hand sanitizer

Best of Orlando Controversy

Accidentally killing frogs

Ellen is a bitch, who else is in hollywood and what jobs have the worst bosses?

New Debit cards are a pain in the ass and

NEWS with Johnny Moonbags




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ONRS - EP 456 - Wild Sex With Big Tim

• August 1st, 2020

Check Out this weeks ONRS

Tonight we talk about some weird sex stuff, and Big Tim joins us for our second half to discuss some Irrational Irritations.






Whatever the hell we say

See you next week

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ONRS -Episode 455 - Ty’s Butt Stuff

• July 24th, 2020

ONRS -Episode 455 - Ty's Butt Stuff


Rough night, full thing tomo.

Enjoy the Audio.


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ONRS presents Smells Like Quarantine Spirit Episode 13

• July 22nd, 2020


Hey there fellow Pandemic people! We are back in action again with an all new episode. We took about a month down and boy a lot happened during our hiatus. On today's episode we review all the hiatus news including Tom thinking he almost had Covid and getting tested, Finally pulling the trigger and having to postpone of September wedding and a smathering of what's going on in the country currently with good ole Covid-19.


Also on the show Tom talks with his old pal Peter Sudol up in New Jersey about how life has been for him during this whole pandemic situation. Tom and Peter wax about plenty of topics including Peter's job in real estate and how his industry has pivoted to the new post Covid life. Thanks as always for listening and we will try and get back with another new episode shortly! Stay safe, wash your hands and wear those masks people! Later! 


CLIPS and THINGS played or mentioned on today's episode:


INTRO SONG - Kyan Palmer - Quarantini

OUTRO SONG - Gordon Anderson - Funemployment



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ONRS - EP 454 - Jon Lovitz and Shark Week Pickles

• July 17th, 2020

On tonights show we discuss

Mikey trying to take over OHNO

Jon Lovitz beating up Andy Dick

Owens new 90's shorts

Shark Week 2 pickles commercial

Dont trust ice people

Disney is empty of both guests and souls

Blue Budweiser

Earwigs in the bathtub

Orkin Commercials

Famous people from Wisconsin 





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ONRS - EP 453 - Weiner Zits

• July 10th, 2020

Tonight is plagued with technical difficulties, but we power through in true ONRS fashion.

Its Owen, Mikey B and Ty doing what we do best... Talk shit, and mess up the show.

Others things discussed:

Owen gets mad at coasters

Tom might have the Rona

Helping friends move


Weird shoulder hairs

and Lizards are gross when they shed





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ONRS - EP 452 - Time to say something

• July 3rd, 2020

The Oh No Radio Show - Episode 452 - Time to say something

Tonight we actually get a bit serious and talk about the BLM Movement and how we all need to be less silent and learn to all grow as a nation.

Also discussed:
Owen is also mad at children singing
Hiccup remedies
Sacha Baron Cohen's latest stunt
Travis' Chickens
5 inch pyro shells
All fat cats come from Russia
Ty's trip back home
and the New Unsolved Mysteries series on netflix

Check out Travis' food videos at:
Kitchen Travisties on youtube:

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• June 27th, 2020

Its Owen Ty and Mikey again, and this time we get some stories from both the road and Wisconsin from ty.


Owen has a gnat fly up his bum and is pretty mad about it,

Mikey's brother is talking shit

and is it ok to shame people without masks in stores?



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