ONRS - EP 245 - It’s Hip to fuck Bees

• May 20th, 2016

Tonight is one of those nights where Ty didn't show up and we thought he was dead. We laugh about it but seriously, its a big deal, it sucks and we hope he gets better. We discuss the PODWAR, Owen's vacation activities and Zack's friend that been pissing blood. 

Owen started a garden thats still not growing anything, the studio is still leaky and Discovery cove is overrated. We have a mishmash of nonsense including some clips, missed connections and even a few products. Yep its a show kids. Enjoy. Or not whatever.

Live show everthursday 8:30pm EST: Mixlr.com/ohnoradioshow

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ONRS- Ep #244 - Prince Alberts and Devil Fingers

• May 13th, 2016

Full show description tomo. im on vacation.


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ONRS- EP - #243 - Poo Pills and Kazoos

• May 6th, 2016

Greetings from the shit ship once again, it is I Owen your captain here with a briefing on tonights events.

Tonight the first shots in the grand PODWAR were fired as we at the ONRS have decided needed to be done.
Long gone are the days of times of peace and positivity toward fellow podcasters, oh no, this has been voted to be boring. So as a show we have declared war on the BYOCB podcast, because fisher called in and was all whiny, but mostly we dont like his hair. This may sound trivial, but trust me people out there, he's got insurance salesman written all over him. 

Anyway, we talk about my awesome solo dance party night, hooters vs winghouse and a guy thats eating shit to fix his gut bacteria. I pimp out shirts and magnets, use the button on the right over there and buy a shirt. $25 Limited sizes. DONATE and give me your email, ill get you a shirt and magnets and shit. 

After the break we play a new guess that tune game with kazoos, trust me its awesome. Also dont forget about the Deathpool thats about to start in the coming weeks on our facebook group.

Heres the link to all the clips on tonights show. Thanks for listening to your new favorite podcast, the best kept secret of podcasting. The show stoppers, the thrill poppers and the smacktalk skywalkers...The OHNO RADIO SHOW


Live show everthursday 8:30pm EST: Mixlr.com/ohnoradioshow


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ONRS- Ep #242 - Billy and Mrs Dean

• April 29th, 2016

Oh No Baby!

Its another Thursday night. Its rainy and the studio is leaking.

Everything works itself out, as Owen, Ty and Zack do what ohno does, were still trying to figure out exactly what that is. 

On tonights show we welcome to the studio Sam and Trav from "a Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan”. We shoot the shit about our shitty cars, having a baby in a toilet, owls eating cats and turning 30. Things get a bit drippy, but isn’t that just our charm.


We have Sam and Trav read a bit of erotic fiction for everyones pleasure before we get a call from BYOCB’s own Chris Fisher. Fisher whines about not being invited to other podcasts and Owen lays the smackdown on him with a wrestling promo. Possibly the shot that started the podwar. 

Of course we do some clips, talk about puking, and talk about our newest game “OHNO Deathpool” going on in the ONRS group on FB. 

For all clips mentioned on tonights show, check out the youtube playlist.

Big thanks to Sam and Trav for making tonights show a barrel of laughs, and to you for downloading.

See you next week



live every thursday at 8:30 at mixlr.com/ohnoradioshow

@therealonrs on twitter

leave us a message at 321-332-0186 or Skype ohnoradioshow


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ONRS - EP 241 - What it sounds like when Chyna dies

• April 22nd, 2016

ONRS - EP 241 - What it sounds like when Chyna dies

So were doing the obvious and talking about Prince, and Chyna, and then some Prince and then some more Chyna… i think that lasts a good 20 min or so, its interesting what we end up creating.

“The Oh No Radio Show - Deathpool” The most morbid of games is being created on the shit ship which will be played much like a game of fantasy football. (Disclaimer this is parody and don’t wish any ill will on any person or celebrity mentioned on the show or not). Phew Legal… Im good now right?

So yeah, details will be mentioned on the show and group and we will include you all in the process. 

Ty is in great form tonight, Tom is distracted by work, Zack is being all Zack and stuff and Owen is doing some god damn sailing. We get calls from both our “Mile high correspondent: Duncan” and our old friend a long ago guest “Benny the Cajun Snake”. We ask Duncan what its like to experience Denver’s “weed hangover” after 4/20 and learn a bit about Benny’s new crazy new wild cat he just adopted… We thing it might be a leopard. 

Ty tells about his time seeing Herbie Hancock live, a true living legend, then Owen goes on an internet service provider rant. Good news! THE INTERNET IS FIXED! Should i wage cable war?

Tom tells us of his Dog/Horse track mastery and gives us the low down on the dark workings of his underworld. Then we learn about some neighbors of Owen’s that had a snake come up their kitchen sink pipe. If you don’t want to listen to this show yet, you aren’t human. its like the wrestle mania of ONRS’s. anyway links to clips below.





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ONRS-EP240-The ass pimples and the bug zapper really tie the pool together

• April 14th, 2016

ONRS - EP 240 - The ass pimples and the bug zapper really tie the pool together

The boys are back and tonight were doing what we do best by shooting the shit about our general everyday lives. It turns out about half the show is dying and or in constant physical pain, Owen is an exceptional gift giver and Ty’s pool is quite the gem. We talk stories of our youth, puking antics and of course ass problems. Buddy Dyer is all about that weed, Ted Cruz says no to jerking off and Zack loves BOGO chicken. Owen has sweet pool tricks.

On the break we interview Producer and Writer of the feature documentary “Wrestling Alligators” Udy Epstein. We chat about his latest project and what it was like working with the Seminole indian tribe and their transition from an extremely poor community to one centered around the wealth of the gaming industry. “Wrestling Alligators” is debuting at the Florida Film Festival this weekend, for tickets check out www.floridafilmfestival.com 

Heres the films info

In Clips we check out how to challenge a grizzly bear, freeze drying pets and peaches.

In the second segment we listen to some herbie hancock, internet problems and analyze some cartoon anti drug PSA’s. 

Its another one for the ages.

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hit us up on twitter @therealonrs

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ONRS - EP 239 - Jock Jams and calls from the homeless

• April 8th, 2016

Hello Degenerates! Owen here with your latest episode show description! This is the part where i try and convince you to listen and that our show is the best thing since cock rings. Im not going to lie, things didn’t exactly go as planned tonight, but it doesn’t matter because the show was yet another bastion of fun in a world of bullshit. We talk about a porn star accidentally sucking her brothers dick at a glory hole, discus the merits of a Jock Jams cover band, and buttholes, lots and lots of buttholes.

Sexual promiscuities, foot jobs, clips and products… what more can you ask for? 

I don’t have the time to spell it all out for you, Just listen to it…

Its the ohnoradioshow…

We do as we do.




subscribe on iTunes ohnoradioshow


Failed Kickstarter links:

Christian cartoon, good life!

Secret Admirer valentines day  

The Saucemans satchel 

Joseph Experimental 



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ONRS - EP 238 - Drink your own dick beer

• April 1st, 2016


The forgettable foursome of Owen, Ty, Zack and Tom are all back in the studio once again.
In short heres how it goes… Zack tales us of his never ending issues with his “Brand new to him” Jeep including a broken window motor in the rain, nails in tires and hood rat auto shops. The boys discuss shitty cars and horrible work truck accidents. Ty rolls around on fix a flat. Its just a mess. As of recording, Ty’s house doesn’t have power.
Owen almost passes out from driving with no A/C in rush hour, Tom has a ghetto fan in his car, proof were a super classy bunch. We learn hear tales of “gigs gone wrong” in which its apparently common for box truck accidents to happen. Jack Bender calls and tells a story of things going wrong doing donuts in a gold cart in reverse… and an awesome uber experience in NOLA. 
We do some clips and some guy smokes.. and smokes and smokes….
Then we talk about Balls. Balls Australia shows us what up with balls. Balls guys, all the balls.
If believe it or not, we talk about country music and play some of the really good stuff.
Kiefer Sutherland is doing country now.

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ONRS - EP 237 - Extreme Sauce Talk

• March 25th, 2016
Suffer through the intro and you will happen upon one of the most unique podcasting/radio shows on the internet. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is the ohnoradioshow. Full of quirks, chaos and beers the boys present another edition of the weekly variety extravaganza that has taken the hearts and minds of the degenerates lucky enough to find it. Tonight we open with the idea of hope and beating the odds as one of the greatest hero’s of our generation has proven it is possible once again. The show has to beat its own odds and even the rain, but prove again the show must and will go on. Duncan gives us a call and tells tales of maids and piles of snow with his Mile High Update.
Duncan is also raising money for a great cause in the MS society and we will be providing links which we hope you will donate to both help him and the cause in the near future.
The boys talk a little BBQ and whether to sauce or not sauce. We discuss the world of sauces and the joys and pains of extreme spice. 
 Owen then decides to get into some news… noone is sure why. 
Otherwise we chit chat about: 
  • A guy who managed to escape 3 terrorist attacks
  • A man arrested for failing to return a VHS tape of "freddy got fingered”
  • Indian Food
  • Have you ever left a yelp review?
  • Microsoft creates an AI robot…it turns into a nazi in 24 hours

We check out some clips, including our good friend Hamish Patterson. We take a break, talk a good bit about a horrible Gary Busey movie which he turns into a Pomeranian… yeah you know you want some Busey. Some big old Busey. During break we make a slight line up change as Ty has to get back to eating BBQ and introduce back to the show one of our favorite local artists and “dude that stops by” Thom Solo!

Check out Thom’s art over at http://thomsoloart.com

We do some products for Zack and then talk about a space rock. Stick around until the end, theres a special treat.

For all clips and products mentioned on tonights show,check out the you tube playlist.

Join the oh no radio show group on FB
like us on twitter @therealonrs
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ONRS - EP 236 - Nap for the Cure

• March 18th, 2016

Tonight we welcome our good friend donia who’s in town completing a mural in our downtown area. We chat about how much has changed in Orlando in the 19 years she’s been living elsewhere, her thoughts on Orlando City Soccer and the invasion of purple that has swept over our town. Tom tells us tales of interviewing George Thurgood and how some celebrities just embody the Rock and Roll persona. 

Donia learns how to drive in Florida again and realizes this town is full of really shitty drivers. We discuss some break room banter Owen experienced at his day job and chat about the most underrated great feelings. Owen and Tom think they both can out nap each other and agree to set up a charity event in which they “Nap for the Cure". Owen has a new snake in his yard and Idiots in Florida don't understand the primary's. 

like us on facebook.com/ohnoradioshow
leave us a voicemail at 321-332-0186 or Skype ohnoradioshow
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ONRS - EP 235 - The Trump Slump and Helen Mirren

• March 11th, 2016
The Shit Ship sets sail once again and all the crew is aboard. Heres the highlights from tonights show: 
-Ty puked today
-Bikes, Beans and Bordeaux 
-Tys over eating
- High life
-Owen needs a stair lift
-The internet dies because we had 800,000 listeners, so Owen has to reset the router.
-Springfield is dirty
-Orlando City Soccer
-Owens car is overheating
-Garden time
-Down Syndrome Butt
-New car/ New Mattress
-Helen Mirren was banging back in the day
-Trump and Trump and Trump.
...Ill finish this show description later.

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ONRS - EP 234 - Trump Lizards and Hard Boogery

• March 4th, 2016

The forgettable foursome are back in the studio with yet another edition of the world famous OH NO RADIO SHOW! Tonight Ty tells us of birthday tales and puke counts, Owen is bummed, Tom is Barile and Zack is Dail. Ty's all for trump now, Duncan calls to try and set him straight. Owen's wife is out of town and is super bummed. The boys get up to the usual degenerate behavior you have come to love whilst filling your inner needs for clips and products and other shit... oh and you find out what Owen's British rap name is at the end of the show... just listen.


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ONRS - EP 233 - A Months Worth of Fish

• February 26th, 2016

Tonight its just Owen, Zack and Tom as Ty is off being Ty. Owen has decided that whenever he has to miss a show, he now owes him money. They boys are all in a decent mood for once, but it doesn’t last for long as they quickly start talking about the gripes of living with another person. Owen really enjoys a good pee, more than the average man, and both tom and zack also agree that washing your hands after peeing at your own home is totally cool. We talk about cosco, shopping with women, and random cups of water. Owen Recaps a new porno he saw featuring a woman possessed by the devil, we try to buy a man size hamster wheel, and talk about relationships crossing the line with family.
We do some clips… we talk about a full house porn parody, the original vocals to thriller, sounds from the dark side of the moon and even a 110 year old woman who gives no shits. 
In the second segment thinks get filthy with a recap of the Gronk Cruise.
I think I’ve said enough, for all clips mentioned on tonights show:
otherwise, rate us 5 starts on iTunes and leave us a review.
like us on Facebook. and join the group… (your a big boy, you can use search)
and hit up that twitter @therealonrs
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leave us a voicemail @ 321-332-0186
and as always EABOD

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ONRS - Playing rummy with 60 year old sweethearts

• February 19th, 2016

Tonights show is a bit of whammy. We start off flying by chatting about Owen and Zack's recent experiences with selling or trying to sell a car on craigslist, we then venture into a new segment we are calling "the craigslist corner" where we take a look at the depravity of craigslist postings from around the world. Its the first ohno vinyl night and we try to treat our live listeners to some soothing tones on break but lets just say, the internet is a fragile thing. For those of you trying to listen live, we had to learn the hard way its not good to knock your modem over. Anyway, Ty talks about banging a 60 year old whilst in his 20's, to which we are all ears, we discover the jam of the year "Ram It" and try to sell a god damn 1999 carolla. BUY IT.


Anyway the internet fucks us...We are sorry, we do some products and yeah you know the drill...

Eat a bag of dicks.

For all clips mentioned on tonights show, check out this youtube playlist 


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ONRS - Virtual Reality with Gary Glitter

• February 12th, 2016

Tonight the full crewe is back together again. Zack tells us tales of mardi gras and his time being glitter boy, while Owen explains that the theme park mardi gras is the real mardi gras. Tom is back with stories from his travels in the west, including tubing in park city, experiencing sundance and virtual reality. We talk about having sex on hover boards, meeting the Hanson’s, and predator 2.

And then we talk about Gary Glitter…
We ask the question Is it ok to like art made by a horrible person?
and then play even more GG on break.
Owens lawn guy trims the poison tree
-Bill Cosby covers Sgt. Peppers lonely hearts club band. For Real.
-Australians should stop pouring beer on basketball players
-Big Little - Big Dick (the new jam)
-Diabetes Robot

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