ONRS- Facebook names and MySpace Dicks

• November 20th, 2015
ONRS- Facebook names and MySpace Dicks

Once a week a group of four degenerates gather together with some microphones and dick jokes... They then attempt to do the unthinkable... say something that makes them laugh. 

That ladies and gentlemen is the ethos that is the OHNORADIOSHOW! Tonight we start off pretty heavy on the subject of space dicks, you know, dicks from space, fantasy alien penis'. Ty returns after a 2 week hiatus of almost dying, Zack wears some red sweat pants and Tom goes Barile all over this shit. 
The rest is as follows:
-Worf from star trek rules
-Mongoloids isn't a nice thing to say
-Skeletors dick fell off
-The big show has a small weiner
-No one gives a fuck about Avatar
-No one wants to ever bang Hillary
-You will never see an old midget
-Durex condoms want a condom emjoii
-Some people are scared of bridges
and the best trumpet ever heard at a wedding
Duncan calls to give us a blizzard and space dick update. Donia follows suit with a call about her battle with Facebook. 

All around a great time had by all, Don't miss this show!
leave us a voicemail: 321-332-0186 or Skype ohnoradioshow

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ONRS-Bus Drivers and Butts

• November 13th, 2015

Another edition of the ohnoradioshow comes to you again by way of the crew of the shit ship. Tonight we talk our usual bullshit but get the chance to feature a new guest. Our friend Mike tells us tales of the road and the fucked up celebrities he's met along the way. Ty is puking again and didn't make it. We get some awesome calls and the chat room is alive and well. 

UPDATE: Big Mike fell asleep on my couch this evening, he farted the house to hell.

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ONRS - Kegels and Henry Rollins

• November 6th, 2015
ONRS - Kegels and Henry Rollins
Hello my fellow Degenerates! Welcome to another week of fun provided by all of us over at ohnoradioshow. Thanks for tuning in as always. Tonight we have some sad news regarding one of our own and our respects to PeachyMici. Its tough to put into words how shitty the world can be sometimes, but that why we try and keep out heads up and move on with what we do best, talking shit... Were short the tall lizard man Ty tonight but our good friend Tom is back with stories of his adventures in South America. Happy 21st B-day to our friend Hannah, enjoy the clips involving guys stuck in trees, metal dinosaurs and fake english.
Ill update this shit tomo, until then, eat a bag of dicks
leave us a voicemail at 321-332-0186 or Skype ohnoradioshow
mixlr.com/ohnoradioshow @ 8:30 PM EST
or on periscope and twitter @therealonrs

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ONRS - Butt’s, Nutscaping and Oprah’s tits

• October 30th, 2015
ONRS - Butt's, Nutscaping and Oprah's tits

Tonights show is all about chasing your dreams, being positive and never forgetting about butts. We talk about the occupy movement as its super relevant right now, Owen's road trip to the North Carolina and even get “kicked off the mountain”. We talk about a strip search in a McDonalds, a yo yo specialist and drinking tea with consent. 
We all learn the majesty of the Shimmy Titty from a dashboard cam, explore 90’s wearables and the latest trend “Nutscaping”. Our buddy Big Mike calls is to ask if Oprahs tits are real and we learn of some ground breaking new technology on this weeks products.
Its another eat a bag of dicks type show, 
thanks for listening.
leave a voicemail @ 321-332-0186
For all clips on tonights show CLICK HERE...

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ONRS - Marty McDurst Day

• October 21st, 2015
ONRS - Marty McDurst Day - 10-21-15
Its a Wednesday show, Its just Owen, Ty and Zack. Owen is going on vacation, so heres a rundown...
Its Back to future day and we talk about Western movies, Zack having a gaping dick hole in his pants and how much Scientology e-meters cost. Duncan calls in and talks with us about the church of scumbagology, Non erect cum shots, Totes mcgoats and his enemy the trash horse.
We discuss Brian Wilson the "Texas law hawk" How Back to the future predicted 911, and even get into some Urban Dicktion.
The rest of the evening goes about like this:
-Huey Lewis and Fred durst got in a fight
-The pines are the towers, the towers are the pines
-Ty made a pact in high school
-Road trips, weddings and wedding attire are a pain
And then as promised, we close the show with some products and Kmart music...
Products Tonight include
-Ember coffee mug
-Sprays for all body deodorant and instant hard dicks
-The ejaculator - hands free Vr porn device 

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ONRS- Driving Monkey’s and Dentist Boners

• October 16th, 2015

ONRS - 10-15-15

On tonights show we welcome back to the studio from "a Mediocre time with Tom and Dan” Samantha and Travis Haar. We discuss Travis’ new band “The Tell”, take calls from Gino and our friend Swervey Jones and Owen explains he how he doesn’t like porn thats not in English. 
Ty goes on a date, Owen needs to go to the dentist and theres a mushroom in Hawaii giving women orgasms. Travis gets a boner, we discuss a smart ass Orangutan named Chantek, listen to the drunk macaroni and cheese kids apology and discover a game from the 70’s called “Great Moves”. 
So sit back and enjoy: Driving Monkey’s and Dentist Boners.
leave a voicemail for the next show at 321-332-0186 or skype ohnoradioshow

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ONRS - Glass Bridge to nowhere

• October 9th, 2015

Its good to have the full crew back tonight, and also welcome our guest Thom Solo. Thom chats with us a bit whilst sketching us and our characters during tonights show. We talk about his art, bad movie watchers, silly GIF apps and rich drunk assholes that want mac and cheese. China builds a huge glass bridge and its already starting to shatter. The central florida cobra now haunts your laundry, a homeless man does puppetry with skulls in publix and an Australian drives into the ocean. 

We encounter some supernatural goblins, a douchebag on jeopardy, and some drunk rafting sisters. Some guy gets way to stoned and calls 911, Duncan gives us a mile high update and we chat about Heat vision and Jack. 
Some guy hates our logo, and he can suck a dick.
Leave a voicemail at : 321-332-0186

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ONRS - Will Smith almost died

• October 1st, 2015

Tonight its just Owen, Ty and Zack in studio as Tom is out of town making some cheddar. That's earning money for all you squares. Anyway, Ty finds a Larabar in my house and we are forced to try it as we all have many questions, such as is it a women's only food? Owen almost pukes because of how gross it is. Once he gets his composure he asks of everyone "does anybody really care about Will Smith anymore?". The general consensus is that he's pretty overrated but that the movie "Wild Wild West" is awesome. The chat keeps Zack updated on a current football game, Zacks dad hates Will Smith and our "Mile High / Will Smith Correspondent" Duncan gives us a call. 

We then venture into the strange and intimate world of a question that's morbid and interesting... 
What was the closest you've ever come to death?
It spawns a myriad of interesting stories including duncan falling out of a jeep, rolling over cars, and missile attacks. 
We eventually get to clips in the second segment (for all clips mentioned on the show CLICK HERE) where we witness:
-This weeks greatest troll @Fart
-Earning money by standing in lines
-Ty's latest Kazakhstan'y...? Music video
-And various drones with dead animals on them
We do some Urban Diction as our segment "Products" is still on hiatus until we receive some more donations.
We love you all
Thanks for listening
Leave a message for us at:
skype: ohnoradioshow

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ONRS - Art Attacks the Pope with the powers of Mencia

• September 25th, 2015

Another week has come and gone and with it another episode of the ohnoradioshow. Tonight we welcome special guest, local artist @RaymondKlecker to talk a bit about his art and his art collective artattacksonline.com. Owen wonders why anybody cares about the pope, is concerned about our rock and roll savior Lemmy and continues to hold the “products segment” for ransom. People still believe the earth is flat, scientology is still crazy and Tom needs to learn to do more "man shit”. We also get a call from Jason Barnhart to talk about a recent Facebook thread in which local comedian Ricky Reyes is a total twat.

As always thanks for listening and Eat a bag of dicks.
leave us a voicemail for next week at 321-332-0186 or Skype ohnoradioshow

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ONRS-Complete Barf Tree

• September 18th, 2015

The Forgettable Four is back again in studio as they face some of the greatest questions of their lives. Tonight Owen, Ty, Tom and Zack discuss swamp ass, a comedian who lies about being involved in 9-11, and the ever increasing prices of jet fuel. We explore the possibilities  and intricacies of flying a plane as it turns out no one would fly with Ty. Owen’s Neighbor is back again and prevents a shit, we talk about indian call centers and our good friend Brian "the cajun snake" calls in to tell his ohno Mormon repellant story. 

The show has taken itself hostage by using one of its most popular segments as bait… 
Thats right, no more products until we get some money rolling in from your donations. 
In the second segment we talk about crackheads and cans, Elton John and Owen gets very very Russian while reporting on “Aliens Abducting the Russian Chess Master”…. yep thats good journalism.
Enjoy this week of fun, recent news and all around ohnoradioshow and as always, eat a bag of dicks.  
Oh yeah we try and talk politics, sorry…
For all clips mentioned on tonights show check out ouryoutube playlist.
voicemail-321-332-0186 or skype ohnoradioshow

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ONRS- The Waffle Stomp

• September 11th, 2015

Behold the latest voyage of the shit ship ONRS! The gruesome foursome are in studio tonight, and right off the bat it's off to the races. Identity theft, our need for sponsors, and the new site open up this weeks show, followed with a brand new game; Urban Dicktion! Then it's some exceptionally bad music before Clips, Products, and what a filthy animal Ty is. Of course what episode would be complete without a call from the Mile High Correspondent, and all the dick references you can handle. All aboard the #ShitShip!


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ONRS- EP #209 - Sculpture Rings and Silly things

• September 4th, 2015

Well ladies and gentlemen, tonight was an absolute treat. We honestly had one of the most fun, interesting and down to earth guests we've ever had in studio in the way of our now good friend Rebecca Rose. (http://www.sculpturings.com/). We learn a bit about her art and process and Owen pretends to know what he's talking about. We play a game for the artists in studio, discuss some polk county, and even get to some clips. check out all clips here.

Will finish this show description soon, 
much love

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ONRS - Swervey Times

• August 28th, 2015

Tonight gets a little Swervey as the shit ship set sail with a special treat. Its the usual gang manning the rigging, but in tow we have been graced with the presence of a very special guest. Ladies and gentlemen, in studio tonight is Animator, Podcaster and all around badass Swervey Jones!

We talk a bit about his work, make some awful introductions and Swervey falls in love with my frisky pussy. Swervey explains the meaning behind his moniker, Owen tells a tale of a strange medical condition he had when he was young and we explore exactly who He Man was. Skeletor pops up along with Lynard Skynard, we discuss what would need to breed to create a Falcor and explore some voice actors responsible for some of our favorite characters. 
Magneto is a dipshit who gets out smarted by a wooden gun, the adventures of Pete and Pete was ahead of its time, Iggy Pop is awesome and Owen’s never heard of Ultraman. 
On Tonights CLIPS we explore:
-guys sunbathing in weird places
-some chinese people fall in a hole
-subway now serves maggots
-a guy really doesn’t want to get towed
and Walmart is the worst place to work on earth
Owen keeps getting calls from an old friend who has no respect for the show, hannah leaves us a voicemail by accident and we even get a call from our Mile High correspondent Duncan. 
Products pops up in the second segment with some new umbrellas, dirty feet, new sports and some new gesture control bullshit for your devices. 
All in all, we had a great time hanging with Swervey and hope to have him back sometime soon. For all things swervey, check out www.swerveyjones.com or hit him up on twitter over at @swerveyjones.
For all clips and products mentioned on tonights show, check out the youtube playlist below:
Make sure to follow us on twitter on @therealONRS
leave us a voicemail at 321-332-0186 or Skype: ohnoradioshow
and of course as always EAT A BAG OF DICKS!

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ONRS -Quiznos doesn’t Fuck Kids

• August 21st, 2015

A welcome return to the starting lineup tonight as we have our usual degenerates on the show again finally! Coming out swinging with Deez Nutz, and rolling right into talking about the most legitimately hardcore, near murder committing wrestler of all time; New Jack. Roll with the majesty of Clips, and the debauchery of Products. And finally be rewarded by phone calls from our good friend and host of our pod cousin from across the pond, Waxing Lyrical- Mark Hales, and our Mile High, extreme wrestling specialist Correspondent Duncan. All in all, smooth sailing aboard the shit ship, and Ty actually made a good joke.
Oh yeah, don't fuck kids.

Live at 8:30 EST every Thursday at www.mixlr.com/ohnoradioshow

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ONRS-17 Shades of Spotted Dick

• August 14th, 2015
Tonight we get a little froggy with the lineup, since Tom decided to have a job. So we bring in Hannah to sit in the Cena Closet® and rocking the guest spot, all the way from our UK cousin show, Waxing Lyrical, Mark Hales joins us in studio! We waste no time delving into the world of the United Kingdom, asking Mark some serious questions our crew of misfits and audience demanded be answered. From spotted dick, a call from the Mile Hired Correspondent, and the triumphant return of Products, the shit ship sails on!

Owens our host, Ty and Zack hold down the couch, Hannah chills in the closet and Mark rocks our new guest seat. All and all you yanks will love this one. 
Its like a scumbag travel show without leaving your seats. 
or skype ohnoradioshow

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