ONRS - Bug talk, Donuts, Detroit

• April 23rd, 2014

ONRS - Bug talk, Donuts, Detroit

Its a rousing evening with Owen, Ty, Duncan and Travis. Things get off with a bang as we get on a serious discussion about insects.  We all share our worst stories, some are a bit horrifying as we do live in Florida. SPOILER: GIANT FUCKING ROACHES!
In Other News
Owen wants turd shoes
Duncan is a Juggalo 
Beef Jerky and other meats…Bacon Jerky
Detroit Slim Jims
Hunters tip: running deer don’t taste good.
Jack Bender calls in with donuts
We rant about:
Old school toys
homeless sweeping guy
Does Owen look homeless?
We all learn about up cycling
The gluten thing
Getting paid to get hit by a boot by a train conductor
Then theres a ton of other stuff, Just listen, and if you so desire leave us a voicemail and we’ll play it on next weeks show.
321-332-0186 or Skype ohnoradioshow
Oh, and like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/ohnoradioshow
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ONRS - Battle vests, pee talk and hotdogs

• April 19th, 2014

ONRS - 4-18-14 recap

Owen opens the show angry as he yells at his two cohorts for never making it on time and for sitting in the wrong places. It’s Owen, Ty and “tour bus” Duncan. Duncan is just over surgery and is quitting smoking so is naturally quite irritable, made even the worse hanging around with scumbags. We all talk about our smoking habits, and venture into the world of medicinal drugs and Duncan’s recent hospital experiences.
Later in the show we explore the following things:
Battle Vests
It’s Maynard’s birthday
Owen might bang Ru Paul back in the day
Bathroom adventures
The double dragon stream
Tour bus peeing / test pee
Pee Talk
www.bighotdog.com (totally SFW: all about meat products)
How much does a pack of hot dogs weigh?
Owen’s Nemesis is back…
Ghost snake
Freestyle walking and the dumb shoes it inspired
Soap Shoes
Toe Shoes are weird! WEAR SHOES!
No FJ's
Ty and Duncan both do the music snob quiz. We say were going to do it in the second segment... but hey we don't. For those that care, heres our scores, Ty: 54, Duncan: 84, Owen: 28
In the second segment we learn Duncan is all mixed up amongst dimensions and that were all gay for "My So Called Life". This leads to Claire Danes, the show "Blossom" and dream team 90's shows. "The Fonz" gives life lessons to Zack Morris. Apparently India doesnt have near enough toilets as we discover from a new campaign and PSA. Tang for Booze...
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ONRS - Gallbladders, Disney World and Wrestling

• April 12th, 2014

Owen says things.


Duncan lives 


Disney stories

Yelling at children 


Orlando doesn't suck?

Jokey Racist!

Ramble about iTunes Match 

(Not a sponsor) 

Russian Winnie the Pooh 


R.I.P Ultimate Warrior

Wilson Rocks

Travis rings in

Ty throws Tom under the bus

ONRS Wrestling Match

Your wrestling personality.

And so much more...

Listen Now:

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ONRS - The Gay Expendables, Naps, and Snake Island

• April 3rd, 2014

ONRS - 4-2-14 -  The Gay Expendables, Naps and Snake Island

Owen, Ty and Tom hold down the fort tonight, as Travis can’t make it due to work. Owen explains that the one thing he will excuse an absence from the show for is making money. We take an call early in the show from our friend Duncan who can smell the scumbaggery from miles away on tour and we end up talking about Owen’s new movie premise of a full action movie which sounds a bit like a gay revolution film. Basically think the expendables with an all gay cast. Its already trademarked and copyrighted, so don’t even try and steal it. 
Conversation moves to CG celebrities and how Tupcan holograms would make the “fast and the furious” movies better. We get into a bit of nerdy movie talk and reminisce on Michael Bay’s only 2 good movies. 
Other exciting topics include!
-Ty’s Travels in time.
-If you could write your own biopic, how would it go?
-People we look like
-Owen Hates people singing lion king bullshit on airplanes.
-Tom and Owen have problems with snakes
After the break we establish the Bjore challenge and the rant about our general annoyances including Owen's latest experience at the corner store. We talk about what happens when one wins the lottery and it is decided that Tom owes us all houses. 
also discussed:
-What do you do with your first selfish purchase when you win the lottery?
-Owen is mean to bums
-Ty is nice to bums
-Split App
-Owen does the news... enough said.
-April fools goes wrong, a 96 year old woman, who is believed to have committed suicide ended up being thrown into a "trash bin". The maintenance person thought it was a prank...
-What do you do with dead pets?
-Coffee can hamster burial 
-Owen and his baby lizard 
-Pat Robertson says some crazy offensive shit about jews.
-FCC Hypocrisy 
-Crazy Bongo's
Smooches to all, make sure to join the FB to be sure you will catch the next live show. Leave us a voicemail at 321-332-0186 or Skype at ohnoradioshow. Oh and just for good measure, EAT A BAG OF DICKS.

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ONRS - Band names and closet time

• March 29th, 2014

ONRS  - 3-29-19 – Band Names and Closet Time 

The show opens up with an over enthusiastic intro, a slew of characters from all walks of life, all made the more interesting by a Florida thunderstorm complete with a Tornado warning before the show. Tonight we join show hosts Owen and Ty as we welcome Travis, our new friend Tom, Bubbles, and everyone’s favorite Hillbilly Hippie “Jimmy James”. We talk about good and bad DM experiences and Owen completely fucking up his passport application… After paying the money to apply.  Owen is fascinated with the British term “Master” for a juvenile. Tom is a 4th.

Tonight also features:

The worst names you’ve ever heard…

Owen is obsessed with the BEST MUSIC VIDEO EVER... Its all about Nick Offerman Pissing.

"The Nature" reminds us to reflect on an important figure to us and we remember friend of the ONRS: Dave Brockie. RIP Leader of the Scum Dogs, we will always remember you fondly. 

We enjoy his fucking around as Oderus Urungus on Fox News' "Red Eye" as its Interplanetary Correspondent. 

Owen and Theresa get ripped off on some bloody mary’s, by the “Best Blood Mary in Orlando”, as Owen tells this story, the studio is raped by Travis and Patchouli.  The rape was $15. No Tip.

We all give ourselves hypothetical Band Names and imagine what those bands would be.

Tom sits in the Drippy Chair, we debate if its worse than the brand new closet chair.

We watch the trailer to "the Goat Simulator" its awesome if you're  a goat that plays video games

 We play the band FIDLAR, they are good, then we do a second segment.

In the second segment:

Patchouli is terrible, but does indicate one is holding weed.

Mark from our podcast friends over at  "Waxing Lyrical" gives us a call to spread his British charm and agrees that Patchouli smells like shit. Mark tells us of his days smashing heads as Jimmy tells us about his being shot. It is later determined that we are "Scum Cousins" of the internet.

Do women like a fancy cologne or a Mans natural musk?

Our Redneck friend Lyle calls... he answers questions about his extremely long finger nails, grooming nails with a knife, and his hobby of taxidermy. He tells us all about his Dead? Kill Box.

We discuss this Freedom Tower Base Jump.  All Go Pro, all illegal, all busted.

Then theres the guy that hooks a 11 foot Hammerhead shark in his kayak

And to put us to bed, Oderus Urungus reading good night moon.

Listen Now:

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ONRS - Angry Ty, Sack Shy, Creampie.

• March 20th, 2014
ONRS - 3-19-14 
The show opens much different than usual as Ty and Tom show up a bit late and Owen starts the show with Travis alone. When they arrive Ty is in a bit of a mood as his microphone isn’t in the Co host seat, yet we find out he is actually just mad at his day at work. Ty and Tom say what they can say about their big “hollywood” TV show gig, and we learn its not always as glamours as it seems. Owen admits to his being “Sack shy” and promotes the new “Closet Chair” in Scumbag Studios. The guys take a look at a gay rap video called “throw that boy pussy”, whilst asking the question what exactly a “jack name” is? When Ian and Duncan call into the show in the second segment, this question is answered by Ian very surprisingly simply.  As were off to such a charming start, we discuss an article written about a tragic ending to a cream pie porn film.  To put some icing on the shit cake, we take a look at a “Juggalo Wedding”. They are raising things called "Juggalittle's"...Be Warned. Before we go to break we take a look at an underground professional wrestling match in which one of the tag teams involved uses the most "illegal move in wrestling”, and discuss the merits of professional wrestling and Jerry Springer.
Listen Now:

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ONRS - Duncan’s back and Bags of dicks

• March 13th, 2014

Tonight we welcome our old friend Duncan back in the studio. Owen is really mad about fleas, but is excited about his new studio setup and new closet chair. The guys are impressed with the cleanliness of the house and studio as Owen blabbers on about his goddamn fleas. NO MORE FLEAS IN THE CHANNELS. 

Things discussed tonight:
-Flea talk, they happen to be jewish.
-Duncan discusses his best and worst of his worldly travels
-The roadie life
-Bender calls in to prove the phones work
-International song contest
-Feet Tainting
-Cheese toss
-Brazilian asses
-Duncan is actually a German pop star
-#1 chinky podcast
-I need a gyro
-Iraqis love chest hair and gold chains
Then Bane crashes the show again. he's on drugs, ritalin and rat poison. 
-The gang analyzes the Godzilla trailer.
-Bryan Cranston!
-The gang demands tacos... nicely.
-We get tacos, but would settle for pretty much anything
-Burger talk
-Fuck you chatroom
-Podcast bit stealing
-Fight the patent trolls FOR THE SAKE OF THE PODCAST
And thats just the first segment
-Dock Ellis & His no hitter whilst High on LSD
Listen Now:

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ONRS - Robo Dick, Fleas, Digital Condoms, FLEAS

• February 25th, 2014

Well the studio is under attack, an outbreak of fleas has not only taken over the compound, but also the mixing board. We do a show whilst being bitten from time to time. Ginger the cat has some real explaining to do as she is an indoor only cat.

Things that happened tonight:
-Flea talk
-Tom's Owens new favorite
-Eating cereal out ones own bathtub
-Awkward praying
-Catholic talk
-Church point system
-Bill Gates likes boning
-Digital Condoms
-ONRS Scumbag Life Tips
-Sex with socks
-Alcoholic life hacks

-Smoking stigmas
-Playing hooky
-Ty has no lists
-Taco bell breakfast
-Expand your horizons
-Telekinetic communication 
-Lizard people
-Owen was wrong about Derek
-Renewing passports
-Stand your ground
-black white face

This has gone on far too long,  as i type this fleas are consuming ankles. The war is on. Tune in next Monday at 8:30 pm EST at www.justin.tv/ohnoradioshow. Leave us a voicemail at 321-332-0186.

Listen Now:

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ONRS - The wolf man and weave

• February 18th, 2014

ONRS - 2-17-14 EP 152

Well i guess this is the new cast… Owen hosts his balls off, Ty does whatever he does, Travis talks more than usual and Tom levels us all out appropriately. Gina pops in for a bit and helps us meet the “quota”. There is also beer… Lots of beer. Oh yeah Duncan calls in with his poo stories from the road.

Tonight we discuss:

-Derrick “a netflix original”
-Owen the wolf man
-The glory of cheezus
-Diane Reames 
-Throat diseases
-Owen goes to see Jim Jefferies
-Poor audience members
-Amazon woman
-Weave or wig?
-Head itch
-Ty eats candy
-The FCC hates UTI’s
-Two Timing Tom
-Printer paper tickets
-Topical Tom
-Rapist camels
-Things you wish you could unsee.
-Walking in on Mom and Dad sex
-Midget penguin wobble doo doo dance
-The best of the best poop stories
-Poo pool, pool socks
-Mini Van Piss
-Duncans panoramic vision of Shit town Arkansas 


And so much more...
Listen Now:

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ONRS - Masturbation and Canibalism

• February 14th, 2014

ONRS 2-13-14 Episode 151

Well tonight went well. Its show number 151 and we get back to the regular pace of the show after the 150th extravaganza. Tonight is all over the place as usual but welcomes newcomer Tom who you might want to get used to hearing from.  Ty and Travis join Owen to talk some jibbery jash, take some calls and poke fun at a few video clips. We thank you all for taking the time to listen and want to make sure you know that the best way to stay in touch with the oh no radio show is at our Facebook. Go and like us at www.facebook.com/ohnoradioshow
also, call us live or leave a voicemail @ 321-332-0186 or Skype @ ohnoradioshow Were on iTunes too… just search for ohnoradioshow. Anyway what we need from you all is participation with the show. We see the numbers, we know you’re listening, help us make this show better by involving yourself, after all this show is a forum for all with a tale to tell. 

Like us on Facebook to find out what day were going live each week. Its 8:30ish EST, usually Mondays or Thursdays

Heres a list of things we discuss in this one:

-Tom and Owen reminice about the Art Attacks podcast in scumbag studios
-Snide remarks for everyone
-Ty is incredibly unhelpful with planning the show
-Owen did a good deed
-Drive thru banks
-Is Owen even British?
-Different denominations of cash at ATM’s
-The future is Bitcoin
-Slender man is real and hanging out in my brothers neighborhood 
-People don’t like clowns
-Cheese is Ty’s religion
-Theres a tiger eating a lot of people in India
-Travis might be a cannibal 
-Bender calls in to tell us about his new bass rig
-Porn addiction PSA’s
-Masturbating careers
-Thigh humping
-no masturbating in the bible
-California is out of water
-Silver alerts everywhere
-Tales of Owens time on Waxing Lyrical
-would you jack off your clone?
-Travis likes sex toys, fucks everything.
-Jay Leno is gone YAY!!!!
-Late Night wars
-city slickers 2
-The following
-Back on the Kevin Bacon bandwagon
-Celebrities we want to hang out with
-Duncan calls
-Personal Vapes and e-Hookas
-Drug talk
-Rob Ford is the mascot of the ONRS
-Douche Bag of the Week = Drake
-Pulling a Kanye
-The Rolling Stone
-Shitty Journalism
-Mediocrity in every art form
-The new Digital enterprise


-Bobsledder keeps getting trapped in places at the Olympics
-Pitbull is head of the ice luge team
-Ty is spreading the word of the lizard
-Owen has a job, Good night
-Eat a Bag of Dicks.

NEXT SHOW - 2-17-14 
Listen Now:

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ONRS - 150 Shows of Scumbaggery

• February 6th, 2014

Well here it is as promised, the 150th ONRS. Tonight we welcome an array of scumbags both in the studio and on the phone lines. Its definitely a celebration of the ages! We welcome Tall Ty, Travis, Ian and our old friend bubble. Big thanks for all the support over the years, from those who have stuck by our madness. Heres to the next 150! 

On This Show:

-Our favorite moments of the last 150 episodes
-A Moment of silence for Duncan
-Christian helps us “Ask a Gay” 
-Horseradish Cheddar
-The subtle art of ball tickling
-Calls from our friends Jimmy James and of course DUNCAN!
-Dmx vs Zimmerman
-Shaving pubes over the toilet
-Ian wants to start a nineties trivia game

-----Second Segment-----

-an unexpected super villain takeover
-voicemails and stuff 
-Ian's prior ONRS offenses
-Flaming Sledgehammers
-Ask a gay again, would Christian the gay bang us?
-Manscaping regiments, taint trimming 
-Travis falls asleep and has a big bush
-Levar Burton was on fresh prince
-Favorite Sexual Position
-Gays fuck in the 6%
-Webcam eating asians
-facebook movies suck
-Titty fucking Outro.

Listen Now:

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ONRS - The Worst of the Best of Part 1

• January 30th, 2014

So were coming up on episode 150 which forces us to reminisce on the old days of the show. Tonight we take a step back in time and take a brief look into the past of the oh no radio show. Quite frankly its pretty dodgy and we regret doing it, but hey, we do the show for you mr internet person... who ever the hell you are. Theres plenty that we missed therefore we will be doing a second part to this show before the next live show. god damn that was a lot of shows. show show show show show show. 

 LIVE SHOW ALERT : WED FEB 5th 2014 @ 8:00pm EST


Listen Now:

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ONRS - EP 149 - Duncansgone, maggot noses, google glass porns

• January 21st, 2014

Another delight from the fine makers of scumbaggery!

Owen, Ty, and Travis are joined by the guy on the couch (goc) and embrace the future of the show in general. We mourn the loss of duncan, battle giant monsters and climb to new heights. wait...

Anyway its a fun filled show with all sorts of nonsense like penguins with backpacks, even our old friend jack gives us a buzz. 

Love to all you scumbags listening, please leave us a voicemail, make this show yours too.


oh... and give me money.
Listen Now:

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ONRS - EP 148 - No buttcrack, Swiss cheese, & auto-erotic asphyxiation

• January 14th, 2014

Well the title sort of says it all. Tonight the boys sit down with even less than usual planned...

Things we end up with us talking about:
-The Snot Fairly
-Is it just extra?
-Living with no hot water
-Owens wife being more of a "man"
-The Philadelphia Swiss Cheese Masturbator
- The Man with no butt crack
- Fantasy theme rooms

Then you know... some auto-erotic asphyxiation... because thats how we roll

- Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/ohnoradioshow
-eat a bag of dicks
-leave us a voicemail @ 321-332-0186

Listen Now:

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ONRS - EP 147 - Duncans back with two schlongs

• January 10th, 2014

The gang is back, Duncan included, and as you can probably guess, things get to dicks quicker than one would imagine. We examine an interesting reddit thread about a guy with two weiners, welcome Duncan back to our world, get a call from our old friend Bender and talk about Owen's new hit show on BET. 

We discuss the creepiest video/fetish the internet has seen to date. SEEN HERE : Secrets of the Living Dolls

Owen has a cold. Mountain Dew Cheetos. Boba fett Movie. 

Dennis Rodman for North Korean Dictator 2014

Were sorry about the problems with the live stream, but heres our apology. Eat a bag of dicks.
Listen Now:

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