ONRS - The Butt Holocaust

• April 24th, 2015


Tonight its Owen Ty and Tom bringing you your ohno goodness. Were here, were getting drunk and as always talking about anything that comes to mind. Tom is a dick a missed last weeks show to go see Dave Chappelle, at least we get a bit of a review. Tonight we welcome 2 fellow podcasters Zach and Paul from www.noguaranteesshow.com and we get into our usual with talk about hangover horniness. We get into some intimate pillow talk and our cures for hangovers. 
Until next week, eat a bag of dicks.

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ONRS - The truck stop peeper

• April 17th, 2015

Well good god damn, Ohnoradioshow is back and with probably the longest show it has ever released.  Tonight we all excited to be back in scummiest of studios, with not only myself Owen, but Ty, Etchie and even the man, the myth, the legend, Duncan. You can thank him for all the added content. We welcome him back with a an introduction to Etchie, so as you can imagine. it was pretty exhausting.

Owen gets into his trip to Busch Gardens and his encounters with thrill rides and animals. We discuss nostalgic rides and Owen details his experiences bonding with a with guy over a hatred of snakes. We talk a bit about Fear Bonding and snakes being all wack. 
We learn a bit about Duncans road life and get into the wild world of Candy, fruits, and fruit flavored candy. Everyone leaves the yellow starburst behind. Never underestimate the green apple jolly rancher. 
Ty goes to the middle of no one gives a shit, buys a car and drives it back to Florida. He uses light speed to get home as quick as possible. He tells us his stories of the road and all about the “Glory of Truckstops”. To anyone that listens that got our sticker at a truck stop, pull that chain horn for me. 
This show can really only have one name: The Truck Stop Peeper
Live shows @ 8:30 pm EST www.mixlr.com/ohnoradioshow
Tweet us @ Therealonrs
email - ohnoradioshowowen@gmail.com

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ONRS - Invaders of the Florida Film Festival

• April 10th, 2015

Hey kids, Tonights show is a slight departure from our usual nonsense as we actually have some fairly legitimate guests. We invite new friends of the show Tighe and Jason in to the studio to talk a bit about their new film “Invaders” and promote their appearance at this years Florida Film Festival. We learn about the world of Film Festivals and get some fun background on the industry in general.

Before i go much further have to say that its very important for us all in town to support cool ass shit like the Florida Film Fest. Its one of the best offerings in town when it comes to prestige and annual events and Orlando could really use some credit for something. That said, you will love this short “Invaders”, it’s very well produced, looks like it cost money, and even features a couple of faces you might recognize from this past season of “the Walking Dead”. 
Owen pretends to know stuff about movies, we discuss indigogo and kickstarter and there impact on film and the future of the industry as a whole. The guys stick around while we get to our usual bullshit as we even check out some awful movie trailers. We sample our bag of dicks and everyone is pretty impressed. Thanks Donia! 
We get into awful businesses, picking up chicks at walmart and of course close the show with some PRODUCTS.
If you’d like to see any of the clips featured on the show CLICK RIGHT HERE!
For all show times to see “Invaders” @tweetinvaders or any other fine films head on over to www.floidafilmfestival.com 
Love you all
Live shows every Thursday, 8pm EST at www.mixlr.com/ohnoradioshow

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ONRS - Tar Dolphins and Athletes

• April 3rd, 2015

Well folks as usual its Owen captaining this shit ship of a podcast tonight, but luckly he has his first mate and co host Ty helping him wrangle the shit winds. Good old Tom is back again with his illustrious knowledge of all things “sexy”. Then theres Etchie, just being him. Etchie was however kind enough to bring into the studio a new friend “@tardolphin Justin” courtesy of our podcast friends over at www.rampantradio.com. 

On Tonights show we discuss the guess the bad driver game, old people in public, and where the name Tar Dolphin actually comes from. Etchie forces our guest into the closet and things get nerdy with both Futurama and wrestling. We later discuss whether professional wrestlers qualify as athletes. Justin explains his hatred for silly vaporizer bullshit as we get into stealing domain names, time travel and shaking it up baby.
We explore questions such as 16 million and parkinsons or healthy with 40,000 a year?
Owen explores his drunken porch episodes and we take a look at video of Owen at his worst.
We think it has something to do with wrestling, and we chat about that for a bit.
We do some real deal CLIPS talk and later even do some products.
At the end of the day, it should be known we need your money to keep this crazy thing going.
Please donate to the site over at that link on the right hand side of www.ohnoradioshow.com 
Any donation for $20 will get you a shirt, some stickers and a hand written piece of love from your boys over at ONRS. Send me an email to ohnoradioshowowen@gmail.com with your address and we promise to get you a shirt. 

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ONRS - Stuck In Jamaica

• March 27th, 2015

Its Owen, Ty, Etchie and the grand return of Barille, fresh from his forced vacation in paradise. 

Full show description will be up tomo with links to all the clips. 
Sorry but all the staff went home early tonight.

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ONRS - Samantha and the stand bang

• March 20th, 2015

Well its Owen, Ty and Etchie holding down the scum for us tonight....but low and behold we are graced with the presence of a very special guest. Samantha of a Mediocre time with Tom and Dan stops by the studio and even brings her husband Travis. We do some talking, about stuff, you know the usual banging on piles of laundry type of talk. We discuss Ty's crazy pee evening, Owen's inability to stand up bang, and even get a call from our friend Donia. We talk about women stuffing phones in bras... Overall as you can tell it was a quality episode

DONT FORGET TO BUY A SHIRT!!!!!! Use the link on the right to donate $20, we will figure out the rest, (Expect a lovely personal email)

check out all the clips from the show on that link we just posted.
twittter: @therealONRS
Leave us a voicemail 321-332-0186 or Skype ohnoradioshow 

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ONRS - The Big Niegowski

• March 13th, 2015

Tonight was quite the adventure for all here at the oh no radio show... Ty was just simply absent in the cohost chair for the first segment whilst Owen and Etchie talked to a new friend "Sebastian Niegowski". Sebastian is a You Tube content creator, director and interviewer of porn stars, so naturally we get into a bit of the latter. We ask our guest of his customs, language and accent. Oh yeah did we mention he was Polish! 

Ty graces our presence in the second segment where we get to some CLIPS and PRODUCTS!

Please check out all of Sebastian's awesomeness at: youtube.com/c/sebastianniegowski and check him out on twitter @SebNiegowski.


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ONRS - The Great Crab Chase and Stinky People

• March 6th, 2015
Toms back and we're working out some new mic's. This episode unfortunately was almost lost due to computer issues, but was saved due to our back up feed, we apologize for the audio quality of this show, as its not up to our usual majestic standards. 
Nevertheless this show is so full of awesome, it would be a crime to post. Im going to be honest, its like the best show ever.
Let's just say that our awesomeness outdid our computing power tonight and then mixlr.com/ohnoradioshow saved the day.

On Tonights show we talk about:

-Ty's 30 and quitting the smokes
-Food phases 
-Owen's crab saga
-Are kids smart?
-The most irritating child ever
-Calling out stinky people
-The worlds angriest guitar player


Then things get serious when we dicuss:

-The city pee smell (anti-pee paint)
-And the Magic Man... www.thetreeman.bandcamp.com

Busch Gardens = the africa of theme parks
Creep cable cars
Gator Sandals
Disney animals on Xanax?
and so so so much more..
Studio engineers have been notified of all issues and will be addressing them as soon as possible.

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ONRS - Jessica Pawli and so much more

• February 27th, 2015

Tonight we were graced with probably our finest guest on our strange program. Jessica Pawli is a woman who you have all heard on the radio but probably never realized it. Jessica is currently hosting a great talk show over on WPRK 91.5 here in Orlando and she kindly stops by to shoot the shit with the scumbags that inhabit the ohnoradioshow. Thankfully she can handle a glass of bourbon and gets excited by the ability to swear on a podcast. We talk a bit about Jessica's career and she sheds some interesting radio knowledge. 

By the way, Duncan and Tom are still gone on paid administrative leave, so our good friend Etchie joins Owen and Ty to hold the fort down.
Tonight has some amazing clips and of course PRODUCTS brought to you by www.bugasalt.com
Check out all the clips mentioned on the playlist HERE!!! 
Otherwise, listen to the show and eat a bag of dicks.

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ONRS - Tenacious Etchie, Owl Capone and Aggressive Filth

• February 20th, 2015

So tonights show was probably a much different experience than you loving scumbags are used to. As mentioned in the last show, Tom and Duncan are out of town on money making scams whilst promoting the Ohno lifestyle. In there absence our podcasting brother Etchie from Answer Pants (www.rampantradio.com) does his best to fill the scummy void. Before long Etchie and our other friend in studio "Christian the Scumbag of the Gay's" take the show in extremely nerdy directions even involving Tenacious D. Owen tells us a tale of a park with killer owls that are attacking joggers and before you know it we get into some CLIPS!

some science guy does some weed and gets an mri, afroman punches out a woman, and some new police training technology. Vanilla ice gets busted, we learn about THUNDER SNOW, and get into some delightful cum recipes. 
We also take a min to promote our newest sponsors the Bug-A-Salt for there recent partnership with the show. www.bugasalt.com
We eventually get to some "products" and even take a call from our good friend Duncan not before nerding out about 100 more times before ending the show.  
As always "Eat a Bag of Dicks"

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ONRS - A New Era of Vagi-Steams and Jazz Juice

• February 13th, 2015
ONRS - A New Era of Vagi-Steams - 2-12-15

With time comes age, with age comes wisdom, with money comes boobs! Its another long ass show tonight but you all get graced by a new theme song which helps set the pace of some very dramatic oh no news. People come and people go with the beginning of a fresh year for all scumbags far and wide. We discuss the future an take a call from Etchie from Rampant Radio's "Answer Pants", Ty tells us about his broke ass truck...AGAIN and Tom does some shit on twitter. (PLUG: www.bugasalt.com)
Theres plenty of clips and even some products in this bad boy. You can find them all over on this weeks you tube playlist. We talk about our new shirts and stickers and even mention a possible new Bonus Super Group... "The Crisp as Fuckers"...
Theres a lot of Vagina talk on tonights show, from yogurts to steaming. Automatic head lights make people retarded road hazards and Ty is starting a kickstarter to help him retrieve a new car. In return Ty will also be supplying dick pics from across the nation, if thats your thing. Jazz Juice....Jazz Juice.

Jamie Lee Curtis...Penis? yes or no?
Ty brings up his porn habits, which now feature Scooby Doo Parodies. Owen gets called out on not knowing anything about clotted cream by Mark of Waxinglyrical via voicemail, as Owen forgets to use his own songs. We dive into the reality show Repo Games, the harshest child punishment ever and Gweneth Paltro's Puss.
We play some tunes and take a break. Then we do a second segment. I can't be bothered to recap another hour, so how about you just listen to the thing. Also someone get me a Smart Stone.
Love you, Eat a bag of dicks.
Subscribe on iTunes, search: ohnoradioshow

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ONRS - Farts in the shower and CLIPS

• February 6th, 2015
ONRS- Farts In the shower

We open the show with a bit of inside talk involving the recent developments to the Scumbag Studios. Duncan recounts last weeks show and his experience dealing with a pre show stressed out monster of an Owen. 

Before i get too far in this show description, i must apologize for the sub par audio quality in the first 20 min of show this week. Please understand we have made a lot of changes in the last week that will take a show or two to dial in but will ultimately be for the greater good. We call this a Scumbag Period. Just stick with it folks as big things are happening including a new website and MERCH! Which we hope you will get behind and buy. 


The boys toy with the future of the ONRS and its current theme song, watch a yellow dinosaur save children from rape and get really into fart talk. Randy Quaid debuts this evenings CLIPS! We dive into a little ASMR Autonomous sensory meridian response...BrainGasms. Owen pretends to know about Clotted Cream as the resident Brit, but none of us are exactly sure what it is.

We thank Mark Hales of Waxing Lyrical for leaving us a voicemail and our friend Bender for giving us a ring. Before break Ty gets into some dangerous territory.

The second segment starts because people were talking about terrible tv shows on break... 
Everyone but Owen has seen "Buffy the Movie". Is the pee wee movie happening?

Movie talk. Discovering movies way after the fact. Ancient Aliens might be real. We talk a lot about Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and his early years. Owen lets everyone down.

Of Course theres some PRODUCTS! but we make you wait till the end.

If you'd like to check out all the clips on tonights show, check out this youtube playlist that includes them all... 
No particular order: 


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ONRS - Mysteries and Missing Bricks

• January 30th, 2015

Sorry for the late upload, but we had a couple technical issues with the show this week that slowed us down. For a brief moment i thought this show might have actually been lost. Thankfully due to some sneaky tricks i was able to salvage it from the ashes for your listening pleasure. 

On this weeks show
-Ty forgets that were on the internet and gets a little gropey
-Jack Bender from San Diego joins us in the Cena closet
-We talk about poor oral hygiene 
-Hollywood calls to make us famous
-Owen accuses members of the show for stealing his bricks  
-We debut a new segment "Oh No Mysteries"
-Standup comedian Rauce Padgett gives us a call and tells us about his latest show at the Tampa Improv and he gives us a little scat
-In this weeks "Clips" we check out:
-We listen to some "MoistBoyz"
-Owen shows some terrible art he had made using the web service Fiverr.com
-In this weeks products we check out:
-New app "Roadie"

-To wrap things up we get a call from Gino the angry Italian
As always thanks for listening and without further ado... Eat a bag of dicks.


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ONRS - Fashionable Dicks and Wakie Chats

• January 23rd, 2015

ONRS - 1-22-15 - Fashionable Dicks

-Fashion Trends
-Rick Owens Dick Dresses for guys (Fashionable Dicks)
-Oh No Presents the Dick Fashion Show
-We take a couple of “Wake Up” Calls on the app Wakie and talk to a lovely woman from Canada
-Tonight is Cheese party night…Enough Said.
-Owen explains a new app called Yik Yak, designed for anonymous location based social media
-Dunan has ether flashbacks
-Too Cross faded to figure out how to play go fish
-Ty is a real life looney Toon
-Then its time for CLIPS!!!
-OH NO Dance craze
-Our mindview of sleaze ball
-Super sexy sleep dreams
-Peaky Blinder roleplay 
-Pussy Bags
-Alien, Zombie and Cyborg sex toys
-When the wheels come off the wagon
On Break we Jam to some Wolfmother
-The gang enjoys some stinky cheese after break, Stilton to be clear. Cheesy time ensues
-We all get hungry and talk about steak
-The joys of horse radish and bloody marys
-Zima time!
-Getting Drunk at a KISS concert in detroit
-Detroit rites of passage 
-Grandma gives you booze
-Bender calls in with some very weak Colby Jack
-Eat a bag of dicks.

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ONRS - Geraldos titty parties

• January 16th, 2015
ONRS - 1-15-15
-Owen is in a wedding, we start the show with some Bachelor party debauchery
-Owen gets a haircut in honor of the wedding, some are saying looks like hitler.
-We take the groom indoor Go Karting... Puking ensues
-Ty meets an old acquaintance from his youth and introduces him to the studio
-Bucket List: Strip Club DJ
-Ty is the Wiz Liz
-Tom puts his Hands down his pants a lot, plays with balls.
-Krys tells us about Flame Throwing on Geraldo
-Ty talks about setting Muslims on fire
-Duncan is the self proclaimed, Intergalactic Heavy weight co host champion of the world.
-Why is Krys here?
-The Cena Closet
-Kellly Clarkson
-We develop a new jingle for 321-332-0186
-Snake Farts

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