ONRS - EP357 - Nyquil Dreams and Frozen Bananas

• July 20th, 2018

Great to be back on another Thursday night with the boys. Tonight we talk about Owen's Nyquil Dreams and things get scary. We also get a call from Owen's Mom (unintentionally) so that was fun. We talk about using earbuds while driving, working out after drinking and nana's buying inappropriate gifts.


Clips over HERE




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The Earful Episode 30

• July 16th, 2018


Welcome back everyone to THE EARFUL and our 30th episode!. If you've never tuned in before we are a music countdown show from the minds over at OH NO RADIO SHOW hosted by Tom Barile and Ty Whicher. This bonus show features 12 tracks every week of some of our favorite music new and old. Maybe you've heard some stuff and maybe you haven't so we hope to supply a healthty dose of jams for our audience every friday to make that weekend soundtrack on point. If you're listening to anything we should be please make sure to hit us up over at our Facebook Page and drop us a track! Enjoy and Cheers to those Ears!!

Tracks played on this episode of The EARFUL:

Top of the show - “D.Y.T. (Do Your Thing) [feat. REMMI]” by NVDES- 2017

NVDES, is a quirky Los Angeles-based artist collective

1 - Superet - “Who Is This Guy” -  off Superet - EP - 2017

“Taking cues from heroes like Bowie, Eno, and Byrne, Superet have the vision and the electrifying stage presence to inspire bleary-eyed, arms-outstretched devotion—much like the downtown church from which they lifted their cryptic name.”

2 - Mopac  - “Changing Weather” - off  Kayfabe - 2017

Melodic, psych rock band featuring brothers Trey, Colton and Sky Monts with the funk soul brother, Hunter Peterson. 

3-  Izzi Dunn -  “Our Time” - off  Recycle Love - 2017

Singer, cellist and producer Izzi Dunn sits modestly at the creative forefront of British soul music.

4- Makaya McCraven -  “Above & Beyond” off Highly Rare - 2017

Chicago-based drummer and producer

5- The Palms - “Right to Know” - off Mulholland Dr. - 2017

“The Palms have effortlessly combined their love of ALL popular music to create a fresh, uplifting sound, resulting in the perfect soundtrack to a summer night in Los Angeles.”

6- Noga Erez - “Dance While You Shoot” - off Off the Radar - 2016

A Songwriter, Producer and Singer from Tel Aviv, Israel

7- Kainalu - “Love Nebula” - off Bloom Lagoon - EP - 2017

Music by multi-instrumentalist trent

8- Nicolas Jaar - “A Coin in Nine Hands” off Sirens (deluxe edition) - 2017

Nicolas Jaar is a Chilean-American composer and recording artist based in New York.

9 - Von Sell - “Ivan” - off Von Sell - 2015

Brooklyn based via Germany electro-pop artist.

10- Jack White - “Servings and Portions from my Boarding House Reach” - offServings and Portions from my Boarding House Reach - 2017

John Anthony "Jack" White is an American musician, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor. He is known as the lead singer and guitarist of duo The White Stripes.

11 - Maple & Beech - “Wedding Season” off Rundawdaw - 2017

Maple & Beech Childhood friends Tyler Tholl and Pete James Johnson make synthy, experimental pop under the name Maple & Beech. Together with a large cast of horn players, string players, and singers, the Minneapolis duo released their debut album, RUNDAWDAW, in 2017.

12 - Giuda -  “Number 10” off Racey Roller - 2010

Giuda is a five-piece band from Rome, Italy. Their mix of anthemic '70s glam pop hooks and the punchy delivery of early UK punk, has stunned listeners all across the globe.


Track - “Every 1’s a Winner”

Original -  Hot Chocolate 

Cover  - Ty Segall

Make sure to check out all the past episodes of THE EARFUL over at OUR PAGE RIGHT HERE! Stay tuned for future episodes and make sure to check out these artists online if you liked any of the tracks you heard on today's show. Also if there are songs, artists or albums you think we should be listening to please leave them over on our Facebook Page and all of our episodes have accompanied SPOTIFY PLAYLISTS!! Check em' out!


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ONRS- EP 356 - Protein Spills and Casting Couches

• July 14th, 2018

Tonight we discuss pool parties, things that seemed cooler when we were kids and recast every movie as a Judd Appatow flick.


Of course we do some clips, and discuss if Ty would fit in with a gay AC/DC Tribute band.

Mikey B get racially profilled, Owen gets stung by a bee and Ty forgets how to play cornhole.

Enjoy this weeks show,

lots of love as always


and thankyou to our new sponsors over at TOMANDDAN.COM

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ONRS - EP355 - Badass Flies and Vindaloo

• July 6th, 2018

Tonight we welcome Mikey B back from his slumber, talk about badass fruit flies, anxiety, depression and breakups. Owen gives us the rundown of the "secret show" he went to at Standard Motorcyle Company, Ty lets us in on 22 year olds and Mikey's pipes are all broken.


We do some clips and a very patriotic edition of Verses, plus we examine England World Cup Songs

Will update this further this weekend, hope all is well 





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ONRS - EP 354 - Ty’s New Little Brother

• June 29th, 2018

Tonight we welcome Ty's new little brother to the show, even though thats facutally inaccurate. Issac was a great guest and a good insight into both being young and being of Indian Herritage in American. We discuss if Sonic or Mario was more urban, Owen's Wifes trip to the Waldorf Astoria and cedar smelling like urine.

Of course theres some CLIPS

and we are blessed with another Movie Review from our buddy Tom over at 2 Cents Cinema

Enjoy the latest masterpiece,




407-906-6466 to leave a voicemail for next week.



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ONRS - EP 353 GOLDBLUME and Cheddar Cheese Ramen

• June 26th, 2018

Scheduling conflicts really killed us last week, so me and mikey b decided to do an imprompto 2 man one hour show. We hops you enjoy it. 

Regular show on Thursday.

8:30 PM EST


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ONRS - EP 352 - Adolfs Beach Shack

• June 15th, 2018

Full show description will be up in a few, please excuse the delay.




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ONRS - EP 351 - Lemmy’s Ghost banged my wife, With Alex Morehead

• June 9th, 2018

Hey guys, big thanks to alex from BYOCB for joining us tonight. Constantly an awesome guest and person, just fun to hang with the dude. It was our first Go at a Twitch.tv/ONRSLIVE broadcast and hopefully it turned out not to be a pile of shit.

We did some clips, we talked about ghost lemmy and eventually play a Fast Food trivia game.

FULL DESCRIPTION UPDATE TOMO. IM done for the evening.

Hopefully our RSS feed doesnt suck tonight.





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ONRS - EP 350 - Taco Polo’s and Bacon Bowls

• June 1st, 2018

ONRS - EP 350 - Taco Polo’s and Bacon Bowls

Tonights Show is a bit weird and all over the place. Ty was late due to the wizard mafia, and Mikey had to leave early due to the taco factory. Our good buddy Travis helps us balance things out as Owen runs the usual shit ship into the ground.
Tonight we explore the ideas of the Mafia, Bonsai trees, things that have been made worse by being eco friendly and a strange new sign thats now in our studio.
Join along as we run through some CLIPS and other exciting topics such as:
The tallest man that ever lived
Smoking meats
some of the greatest music youve ever heard/ STUNTS
A burger challenge offer from our friend J-Flow at BURNITDOWNSHOW.com
and much much more.
Leave us a Voicemail at 407-906-6466

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ONRS - EP349 - Smells like Bacon and Space Drugs

• May 25th, 2018

Full Description Soon. you know the drill.



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ONRS - EP 348 - Ross, Labyrinth and Karate Kid

• May 18th, 2018

Tonight Owen, Ty and Mikey B welcome back our good friend and all around awesome dude Ross McCoy. 

Full Description and links coming VERY soon.



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ONRS - Ep 347 - Dont Mow Lawns On Sunday Mornings

• May 11th, 2018

Another fun show with Ty, Mikey B and myself Owen as we drink some beers and wonder through the ethical and health ramifications of eating city rabbit.


I ask the question, what time is the appropriate time to start mowing lawns on Sundays. Mikey B has some taco hell and Ty gives us an update on the ducks in his pool. We discuss my dream about Ty breaking his studio desk and me flipping out, 7-11 and dirty feet and even SECRET TUNNELS.


Oh and we call out give kids the world again.


Of course we do some clips!




and then venture into the world of education with some Urban Diction


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Much love and as always


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Something Dreadful - Season 3 - Episode 1

• May 7th, 2018

Welcome to a new, OLD project from the annals of OHNO history, SOMETHING DREADFUL. Something Dreadful was introduced in 2014 when the Oh No Radio Show was still a baby by Owen and original ONRS crew member Duncan. SD was spawned as the slightly more serious and heavy side of the ONRS universe and served as a method of Owen and Duncan getting out their "Secret Feelings" as the show was later monickered by Ty.

Over time the shrink sessions with each other birthed way to Owen and Duncan's more prized hobbie WRESTLING. As our late night conversations delved more and more into the squared circle we chose to abandon our mental health and feelings for something a little more light. 

Well, Life goes on, and times get tough, and its nice to have a friend to talk to about more than superkicks and sharpshooters, so WEVE DECIDED TO RESURRECT THE BEAST and present to you:

Something Dreadful - Season 3

Presented by the Oh No Radio Show

for the first time on the ONRS RSS FEED

If you enjoy this episode, may i suggest becoming a Patreon member of the Shit Ship by subscribing to $5 a month over at Patreon.com/ONRS 

We will be uploading all of Season 1 and 2 of Something Dreadful over the coming months and are releasing ton of BONER Content.



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ONRS - EP 346 - Chicken Wings in the yard

• May 4th, 2018

Welcome to another edition of the ONRS. We welcome you with open arms to the shit ship. Its Owen, Ty And Mikey B once again discussing the finer points of life, love and loss. Such as Upper Crack Butt Hair...

We do totally get serious though and talk about ancient aliens amongst other life changing topics such as:

-Disposing of chicken wing bones in the yard

-Tree removal

-Trimming your beard with your airpods in

-The Angel trumpet

-and once again upper butt crack hair.


Clips is majestic as always. (Links tomo) Mikey is eating McDonalds, and Ty is mad that Twitch stole his name.

Big news on this show, listen for quite the announcement.

Lots of love, FYD and EABOD



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ONRS - EP - 345 - Lactation and Trading Spaces

• April 26th, 2018

Sorry for the lack of a show description tonight as im in a rush! So par for the course really. Hope you enjoy the show as the boys are back with some audio fire on your Thursday night.


Much Love


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