ONRS - EP375 - Freestyling About Lizards

• November 30th, 2018

The show is back on its regular Thursday schedule with its regular dudes, but this show is anything BUT regular. We discuss Ty getting a knock on his door from a 4ft iguana, Owen's experience with a terrible airbnb, and Mikey's aversions to blue berries.

We do some clips as usual, but in the second segment Owen busts out a flash drive he found at a rap concert. It includes a ton of fantastic "beats" which the boys use to destroy the rap game. For real, Oh No Freestyled hard on this show. If thats not enough to give this episode a listen i dont know what is.

Oh, and JT $$$$ of the Podcast Mafia calls in with a sweet verse.

Thanks for listening, make sure to subscribe to us on apple podcasts, spotify, twitch.tv/onrslive and of course, Fuck your dreams and Eat a bag of dicks.



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ONRS - EP 374 - The Laundry King and Lance

• November 16th, 2018

Well here we go...

Dont know how to properly explain this one, but ill say its DAMN FUN.

Our good friend Mikey B was unable to join us tonight as taco's needed to be made, but we made the best of it with our good friend Lance.

Lance has been a musician in Orlando for longer than many of you have been alive so we talk to him a bit about that.

Then Owen talks about laundry for eeeeeevvvvvvveeeerrrr

Its cool though because we hear some good tunes, do some clips and even re write the birthday song.





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ONRS - EP 373 - Jazzy Jeff Goldblum

• November 8th, 2018

We start tonights show a little early, and Owen has a bit of a pooping problem. Its Owen, Mikey B and Ty bringing forth what we do best, talking nonsense and enjoying some clips.

We may have found the greatest Goldblum clip ever

Ravens are dicks

and Champagne drunk is the best drunk.

Owen encounters a bum poop in the park, Mikey B is obsessed with red dead redemption 2 and Jager is no joke.

Thanks to all for listening and tuning in live over at Twitch.tv/ONRSLIVE

leave us a voicemail @ 407-906-6466



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ONRS - EP 372 - No Nut November

• November 5th, 2018

ONRS back at it again. Weird Sunday show this week. Tonight we discuss the phenomenon known as No Nut November. We also talk with Ty's roommate Kory, who lets us know how annoying Ty is to live with. We chat a bit about one of Owen's most hated bands (a perfect circle), the fanny pack revolution, and contemplate if Owen looks like a drug dealer or not.

In Clips we lament on:

Jiffy Lube Illuminati

Kyle - Never forget

Dr Amigo

and Compressor Head

Enjoy the show, in the second segment we even discuss Alex Jones' latest revelation that he is indeed a gay frog.






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ONRS - EP 371 - The Sleepy Champ

• October 26th, 2018

Hey guys, Owen here... not going to lie, im pretty trashed, so ill make this description quick. Mikey won a gaming tournament and didnt fall asleep, Ty is a real deal DJ now...Redwings.

-Drunk biking

-Saudi Arabia and wrestling

-Smell phobia

-Jools Holland

-7-11 Delivers now

and a new game courtesy of our ghost producer T rizzle called, "The Punishment fits the Crime"




Twitch.tv/onrslive every thursday at 8:30pm EST

leave a voicemail at 407-906-6466

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ONRS - EP 370 - Taste Tripping and Broken Toilets

• October 19th, 2018

Owen and the boys welcome some good friends to the studio and talk about the most expensive stuff they have broken whilst being drunk. Travis tells us of his recent breaking of his own toilet, DUI's are afoot and someone even loses some teeth.

Apart from that its the usual mess, complete with some clips, 21st birthday stories, the new trend of Taste Tripping and even wrestling and Saudi Arabia.

Its a fun one.




Live Every Thursday at 8:30 PM EST @ Twitch.tv/ONRSLIVE

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ONRS - EP 369 - Mean Ass Seeing Eye Dogs

• October 13th, 2018

Have you ever met a Mean seeing eye dog? Well i did, and tonight ill tell you all about the little asshole. 

The boys discuss my (Owen's) work trip to Atlanta, Ty's DJ group, and Mikey B's constant behaviour of falling asleep on podcasts.

Also Discussed:

Camels are weird

I almost miss a flight

Dave and Busters sucks

Urinal Games

Shelby the Swamp man

Pictures of sick kids on FB

Of course we do some clips, and end the show with a bit of everyones favorite game VERSES.






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ONRS - EP 368 - Old Security Guards and Dents in the Head

• October 6th, 2018

Dents in the head

Medical Bills

Denim Jackets

Black people dont hang things on walls

Small arm guy smoking

Casting Couch


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The Earful Episode 33

• October 2nd, 2018


Welcome everyone to THE EARFUL!. If you've never tuned in before we are a music countdown show from the minds over at OH NO RADIO SHOW hosted by Tom Barile and Ty Whicher. This bonus show features 12 tracks every week of some of our favorite music new and old. Maybe you've heard some stuff and maybe you haven't so we hope to supply a healthty dose of jams for our audience every week to keep that daily soundtrack on point. If you're listening to anything we should be please make sure to hit us up over at our Facebook Page and drop us a track! Also all our episodes playlists are available to stream over at our SPOTIFY PLAYLISTS!! Enjoy and Cheers to those Ears!!

Tracks played on this episode of The EARFUL:

1 - Everything Is Recorded- “Wet Looking Road (feat. Giggs)” -  off Everything Is Recorded by Richard Russell - 2018

Supergroup created by Richard Russell an English record producer and the owner of British record label XL Recordings

2 - NEIL FRANCES  - “These Days” - off These Days - Single- 2018

“LA based production duo NEIL FRANCES are hooking us in right, left and centre with their upbeat tempo, slick groove and magnetic electronica.”

3- Il Teatro Degli Orrori-  “Dio mio” - off Dell'impero delle tenebre - 2007

Il Teatro degli Orrori is an Italian noise rock band from Venice.

4- James Wyatt Crosby -  “Pray On It (Instrumental)” off Twinstrumentals - 2018

James Wyatt Crosby James Wyatt Crosby is a multi-genre musician, producer and recording artist from Southern Ontario, Canada

5- Whiskey Shivers - “Cluck Ol' Hen” - off Some Part of Something - 2017

FROM THE BAND’S BANDCAMP: ”As legend has it (depending on whom you ask, or whoever is telling the story), Austin quintet Whiskey Shivers formed around 2009. Some say they were hatched in a woodpile. Others say they tumbled out of one-a them rancid whiskey bottles and frightened the locals. But mostly, it was a talented bunch of musicians who figured they’d make great music together." 

6- Kody Nielson - “Ruban's Birthday” - off Birthday Suite - 2018

Auckland singer and producer Kody Nielson has maintained a fascinating and multifaceted career of musical projects for more than a decade. He’s explored cybernetic pop as Silicon, collaborated with partner Bic Runga on psychedelic guitar group Opossum, worked with brother Ruban Nielson on Unknown Mortal Orchestra and of course blew away local audiences as frontman of pioneering punk band the Mint Chicks.

7- Jean Tonique - “The Party (feat. Dabeull)” - off Well Mannered Frivolity - 2018

Drawing comparisons to artists like Kaytranada and Pomo, French producer and multi-instrumentalist Jean Tonique is one of the most hyped up and coming artists

8- Bishop Nehru - “Rooftops” off  Rooftops - Single- 2018

Markel Scott , better known by his stage name Bishop Nehru, is an American rapper and record producer from Nanuet, New York.

9 - Shirt - “Snowbeach” - off  Pure Beauty - 2018

Multi-talented Queens-based rapper SHIRT who recently signed to jack White’s Label.

10- Walter Martin- “Too Cold to Waterski” - off Reminisce Bar & Grill - 2018

Walter Martin is an American multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter. He is best known as a member of the indie rock band The Walkmen

11 - Marcus Marr - “Rocketship” off Familiar Five - EP- 2018

Marcus Marr is a DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist from London, UK

12 - Belle and Sebastian -  “Poor Boy” off How to Solve Our Human Problems, Pt. 3 - EP - 2018

Belle and Sebastian are a Scottish band formed in Glasgow in January 1996


Track - “Right Down The Line”

Original by Gerry Rafferty (of Steeler’s Wheel)

Cover by Lucius

Make sure to check out all the past episodes of THE EARFUL over at OUR PAGE RIGHT HERE! Stay tuned for future episodes and make sure to check out these artists online if you liked any of the tracks you heard on today's show. Also if there are songs, artists or albums you think we should be listening to please leave them over on our Facebook Page and all of our episodes have accompanied SPOTIFY PLAYLISTS!! Check em' out!


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ONRS - EP 367 - Carl Weathers Forgets To Flush

• September 28th, 2018

The full crew is back with another edition of the Oh No Radio Show.

Mikey B recounts his B-day experience racing go karts at the Fun Spot.

Ty tells us about his special lady friends burlesque debut.

and Owen is being driven crazy by his wife's cell phone alarm.

We do some clips

Owen's parents call from Singapore and Owen's Dad tells us about going to a ladyboy show in Thailand.

a listener sends us a craigslist ad for a 1984 Buick hearse that might be the car version of the show

We talk about people that forget to flush after taking poops.

and of course do some VERSES.

The show is now back up on apple podcasts, but might require you to resubscribe

Search: "Oh No Radio Show" on your apple podcasts app and hit the subscribe button.

We also lost all of our reviews and ratings on itunes so PLEASE leave us one to help us rebuild.

Until next week





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ONRS - EP 366 - Bars on Windows

• September 22nd, 2018

Tonight we welcome back our good friend Ken to the podcast as he helps me try and keep Mikey B awake. Along in this battle is another good friend and Mikey B's Muse, his lovely wife Janine who helps us all keep things on track.

We talk a bit of nerdy shit, a ton about miami and Air Bnb and Mikey B falls asleep as it is his B-day weekend.

Other shit we mention

-Lenny Kravitz

-Leaning back while driving

-Catholic Spanish Weddings

-Local store selling Gas mask Bongs

-and even the new Joker

Join our patreon for more content - patreon.com/ONRS

call us: 407-906-6466

watch us live on TWITCH.TV/ONRSLIVE every week at 8:30 PM EST

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ONRS - EP365 - The Brothers Berlureau

• September 14th, 2018

Tonight we welcome Mikey B's brother Tony B to the show. Tony has his own podcast which is worth a listen called 2 B Continued Podcast. Tony share some amazing tales of him and Mikey's youth and joins in the fun that is the Oh No Radio Show.

We talk about

-The best chocolate bars

-The better looking brother

-Dog Fart Productions

-Neil Breen

-Being called cool by a black guy

-Krystal Burgers

-Copying Haircuts

-Clint Howard

and resturants having too much shit on the tables.

Enjoy the show






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ONRS - EP 364 - Boner Pride

• September 7th, 2018

ONRS - EP 364 - Boner Pride


Hey Everybody, welcome back to another edition of the Oh No Radio Show. On this weeks show Owen wants to ride a giraffe, Mikey B says it can’t be done, and Ty is very proud of his latest boners.


We delve into our labor day weekend fun whilst discussing banging in underwear, what the best animals to ride are and even take a phone calls from our listening audience including Owen’s Mom.

We get to some CLIPS


Get a call from BDB (Big Dick Brian) and our buddy from PFTMEDIA.com Steve Etchie

Get a Movie review of Skyscraper from our buddy Tom.

Talk about track suits

Wrestling ghost dicks

Owens Ants

and finish up with our world famous game “Casting Couch” in which we recast a movie from the 80’s or 90’s with modern day actors.


Hope you enjoy the show





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ONRS - EP 363 - Nick Scout’s Guitars and ANTS

• August 31st, 2018

Hey guys, check out this show, and share it with anyone who has interest in MUSIC. Tonight we hang out with our friend and neighbor "Luthier Extraordinaire" Nick Scout of Scout Guitars. We talk about his journey into creating a buisness that builds custom guitars and Ty even plays one. I was scared he would break it. 

Dont worry though, we after bullshiting with Nick for a bit we get back to our usual nonsense. CLIPS! Verses and such.

Owen is fighting an army of ants and has sand in his ears

Ty wants to buy a custom guitar 

and Mikey hates Dolly the sheep.



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ONRS - EP362 - Ranch seasoning and the most liked person alive

• August 27th, 2018

Owen went crazy, so we didnt do a show Thursday. Enjoy this special Sunday edition of the ONRS. 

Ill finish this description tomo.



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