ONRS-Complete Barf Tree

The Forgettable Four is back again in studio as they face some of the greatest questions of their lives. Tonight Owen, Ty, Tom and Zack discuss swamp ass, a comedian who lies about being involved in 9-11, and the ever increasing prices of jet fuel. We explore the possibilities  and intricacies of flying a plane as it turns out no one would fly with Ty. Owen’s Neighbor is back again and prevents a shit, we talk about indian call centers and our good friend Brian "the cajun snake" calls in to tell his ohno Mormon repellant story. 

The show has taken itself hostage by using one of its most popular segments as bait… 
Thats right, no more products until we get some money rolling in from your donations. 
In the second segment we talk about crackheads and cans, Elton John and Owen gets very very Russian while reporting on “Aliens Abducting the Russian Chess Master”…. yep thats good journalism.
Enjoy this week of fun, recent news and all around ohnoradioshow and as always, eat a bag of dicks.  
Oh yeah we try and talk politics, sorry…
For all clips mentioned on tonights show check out ouryoutube playlist.
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