ONRS- Driving Monkey’s and Dentist Boners

ONRS - 10-15-15

On tonights show we welcome back to the studio from "a Mediocre time with Tom and Dan” Samantha and Travis Haar. We discuss Travis’ new band “The Tell”, take calls from Gino and our friend Swervey Jones and Owen explains he how he doesn’t like porn thats not in English. 
Ty goes on a date, Owen needs to go to the dentist and theres a mushroom in Hawaii giving women orgasms. Travis gets a boner, we discuss a smart ass Orangutan named Chantek, listen to the drunk macaroni and cheese kids apology and discover a game from the 70’s called “Great Moves”. 
So sit back and enjoy: Driving Monkey’s and Dentist Boners.
leave a voicemail for the next show at 321-332-0186 or skype ohnoradioshow

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