ONRS - EP 233 - A Months Worth of Fish

Tonight its just Owen, Zack and Tom as Ty is off being Ty. Owen has decided that whenever he has to miss a show, he now owes him money. They boys are all in a decent mood for once, but it doesn’t last for long as they quickly start talking about the gripes of living with another person. Owen really enjoys a good pee, more than the average man, and both tom and zack also agree that washing your hands after peeing at your own home is totally cool. We talk about cosco, shopping with women, and random cups of water. Owen Recaps a new porno he saw featuring a woman possessed by the devil, we try to buy a man size hamster wheel, and talk about relationships crossing the line with family.
We do some clips… we talk about a full house porn parody, the original vocals to thriller, sounds from the dark side of the moon and even a 110 year old woman who gives no shits. 
In the second segment thinks get filthy with a recap of the Gronk Cruise.
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