ONRS - EP 238 - Drink your own dick beer


The forgettable foursome of Owen, Ty, Zack and Tom are all back in the studio once again.
In short heres how it goes… Zack tales us of his never ending issues with his “Brand new to him” Jeep including a broken window motor in the rain, nails in tires and hood rat auto shops. The boys discuss shitty cars and horrible work truck accidents. Ty rolls around on fix a flat. Its just a mess. As of recording, Ty’s house doesn’t have power.
Owen almost passes out from driving with no A/C in rush hour, Tom has a ghetto fan in his car, proof were a super classy bunch. We learn hear tales of “gigs gone wrong” in which its apparently common for box truck accidents to happen. Jack Bender calls and tells a story of things going wrong doing donuts in a gold cart in reverse… and an awesome uber experience in NOLA. 
We do some clips and some guy smokes.. and smokes and smokes….
Then we talk about Balls. Balls Australia shows us what up with balls. Balls guys, all the balls.
If believe it or not, we talk about country music and play some of the really good stuff.
Kiefer Sutherland is doing country now.

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