ONRS - EP 239 - Jock Jams and calls from the homeless

Hello Degenerates! Owen here with your latest episode show description! This is the part where i try and convince you to listen and that our show is the best thing since cock rings. Im not going to lie, things didn’t exactly go as planned tonight, but it doesn’t matter because the show was yet another bastion of fun in a world of bullshit. We talk about a porn star accidentally sucking her brothers dick at a glory hole, discus the merits of a Jock Jams cover band, and buttholes, lots and lots of buttholes.

Sexual promiscuities, foot jobs, clips and products… what more can you ask for? 

I don’t have the time to spell it all out for you, Just listen to it…

Its the ohnoradioshow…

We do as we do.




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