ONRS - EP 241 - What it sounds like when Chyna dies

ONRS - EP 241 - What it sounds like when Chyna dies

So were doing the obvious and talking about Prince, and Chyna, and then some Prince and then some more Chyna… i think that lasts a good 20 min or so, its interesting what we end up creating.

“The Oh No Radio Show - Deathpool” The most morbid of games is being created on the shit ship which will be played much like a game of fantasy football. (Disclaimer this is parody and don’t wish any ill will on any person or celebrity mentioned on the show or not). Phew Legal… Im good now right?

So yeah, details will be mentioned on the show and group and we will include you all in the process. 

Ty is in great form tonight, Tom is distracted by work, Zack is being all Zack and stuff and Owen is doing some god damn sailing. We get calls from both our “Mile high correspondent: Duncan” and our old friend a long ago guest “Benny the Cajun Snake”. We ask Duncan what its like to experience Denver’s “weed hangover” after 4/20 and learn a bit about Benny’s new crazy new wild cat he just adopted… We thing it might be a leopard. 

Ty tells about his time seeing Herbie Hancock live, a true living legend, then Owen goes on an internet service provider rant. Good news! THE INTERNET IS FIXED! Should i wage cable war?

Tom tells us of his Dog/Horse track mastery and gives us the low down on the dark workings of his underworld. Then we learn about some neighbors of Owen’s that had a snake come up their kitchen sink pipe. If you don’t want to listen to this show yet, you aren’t human. its like the wrestle mania of ONRS’s. anyway links to clips below.




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