ONRS - EP 257 - Toe-Dazzling Tornado Talks


Here we go! The gang got together in full force and brought out a good old fashioned ONRS throw down in this week's episode. Some of the many topics we chewed through were: 
- Owen recalls his early morning (1pm for Owen) encounter with his partying neighbor
-  Zack tells us of his recent venture into the gaming world with his PS4 purchase
- We talk about how we do and do not Vacuum nearly enough.
- Owen enchants us with his purchase to attend a WRESTLING DINNER THEATRE
- We Romance the idea of OH-NO-IT-OUT our new Make Over Show fantasy idea
- Of course we have to talk about the freakin' OLYMPICS!!! MERICA!!!
- Ty brings us into the world of Pedicures with his Toe-Tastic Tales
-VERSUS! Gets deep and dirty with hard hitting head to heads
- We Announced next week's launch of OH NO PRESENTS - Gonna be sweet

CLIPS this week delivered it's usual WTF goodness: (WATCH CLIPS)

- The Late Canadian Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack
- How to succeed with Brunettes and be a misogynistic douche
- Some DIY Demon summoning spell craft by Nick
- 3 Ways to Break your dick with Dennis Rodman

Thanks for listening and E.A.B.O.D.

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