ONRS - EP 258 - Eat Your Crusts


Coming at you this week slightly shorter but still chock-full of Oh No Goodness! Sharing this thursday's first half with the premiere of our new series OH NO SHOWCASE we packed our usual show into about an hour in the second set. Here is some of the stuff we discussed: 
- Zack re-counts the Hit and Run that occurred to his car during break -WTF!
9 out of 10 olympians drank milk and Owen didn't like breast milk as a baby
- Eat your crusts and take out the trash
- Our Buddy Mark Hales from WAXING LYRICAL Podcast Calls in
- Dont "Nick" your dick with a razor.
CLIPS this week delivered it's usual WTF goodness: (WATCH CLIPS)

- Drunk guy SHITS himself but gives ZERO SHITS
- Olympian and World's dumbest interview Ryan Lochte
- Some trashy broad gets her butt hole tattooed
- We explore FSU Face-Eater's youtube alter ego AUSTI-FROSTI
- We preview a trailer for basically BOLLYWOOD MAD MAX

Thanks for listening and E.A.B.O.D.

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