ONRS - EP 289 - Mile High Mania

ONRS - EP 289 - Mile High Mania

Tonight we are welcomed by Oh No Radio Show Alumni Duncan. Our Mile high Correspondent is in town to share some love and introduce us Matthew (Closet Chair) of nobodycaresgoharder.com

We talk about Orlando and the effects that Wrestlemania has on the city, women eating weird food combinations, Pitbull, Flo Rida, and if O-Town should legalize gambling.

Neighbors of the studio are running wild, ONRS is producing more content, and we wonder if its ok to ask how amputees lost there arms. 

We do some clips:




Tom was on a great movie podcast this past week:




Owen does an interview show and says the word cunt alot:




and i would love for you all to check out what Duncan and Matthew are doing over at:




We love you and of course:






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