ONRS - EP 294 - ANNOUNCEMENT TIME and Ty’s BIG new dog


Come one come all for another spectular voyage on the shit ship known as the Oh No Radio Show! Tonight the ful crew is in studio and all have plenty to talk about. Ty adopted a St Bernard that weighs about as much as Owen. Owen is mad at peolpe that ride bicycles that look like Harley's, feels bad for people with freckles and expresses disgust at the "Fyre Festival". 

The boys have a new mixing board this evening and SOUND FX ARE BACK!

Eventually we announce what is probably the biggest thing ONRS has ever done...

Our FIRST meetup and LIVE EVENT! 

We are officially hosting the "Oh No Radio Show - Perfect Game Episode: a 300th episode Podcast bowling Tournament" !!!

More details will come in time, but in short we are doing a live podcast and commentating on a tournament of podcast friends on 6/16/17 @8pm over at our new sponsors place of buisness: Colonial Lanes Bowling Alley

We invite you all to save that date as we and a multidue of Orlando Podcast stars will be drinking, podcasting, bowling and meeting up for a good time! Beers will be had and laughs will be shared.

Ill be creating a FB Event in the near future which of course will be posted here and updated with all the important info.

We eventually do some

:::::: CLIPS :::::::

including a 9 year old Russian boxer, a politician singing about pizza, a stupid toy which encourages kids to ride parents like donkeys and a short film called "possibly in Michigan" 

Thanks for tuning in.

Lots of love







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