ONRS - EP 308 - Three Oh Eight Dont Hate

EP 308: Women: do they know what the deal is with their cars? Probably not! Ty has been CEO of Not Doing Shit for three weeks and the pressure is really taking a toll. THE GREAT PEE DEBATE: how much is too much? Is this a problem For The Ladies? Is it Owen or Abby who needs to seek medical help? Clips finishes out the first half with funny porn intros and National Anthem fails. Abby is harshly reprimanded for leaving halfway through the show. Owen gives Crazy Pills updates, the fellas talk about dollar$, jealousy, and Bigfoot sightings. We close out the show with famous dictators duking it out in a politically-themed Versus.


Heres the clips:

CLIPS - 8-10-17





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