ONRS - EP - 314 - The Oh No Trap House

Hey degenerates, thanks for taking the time to even read this. Tonight we are a man down as Zack is going to his sisters wedding out of town (How DARE HE DO SO!). So me and Ty were left with a dillema, Do a two man show OOOOORRRRRRRR invite our new best friends and fellow podcasters, B-rock, Steezy and Corndog from the Steezy Trap House podcast on a voyage on the shit ship. We talk about the podcast world and what its become, Jew Harps, Huffing out of paper bags and Amputees. 





We do some clips featuring Diabeetus, Russian pop, Rail Guns and a documentary about Competitve Endurance Tickling. 


Check out Steezy's Trap House and the find content they provide on all of the podcast platflorms.

Enjoy a good mish mash of the podworld and much love to the PODCAST MAFIA.


and FYD


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