ONRS - EP 333 Owen’s Holiday and the Morning After


The Boy's of Oh No are finally back with a live show after a full 3 weeks of vacation! Owen was gone galvanting around Europe with his wife on a belated honey moon and makes sure to talk about his experience for the full first hour. 

Its interesting in a travel the world and airplane type of way, were sorry if its not your exact bag, but we hope you sort of enjoy tales of the trip from afar.

Mikey B is joining us again and were starting to notice a trend.

We almost make a couple of announcements regarding future Oh No Opportunites and even our next EVENT!

Thats right, planning stages of the followup to our world famous "The Perfect Game" 300th episode event are well under way and this promises to be better than the last.

In the second segement we talk about things that are better in America and things that are superior in Europe.

The we do some clips.

Find out clips HERE



see you next week. Big Tim said hes coming in if hes not dead

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