ONRS - EP 341 - One Foot in the grave

Im not going to lie, this week has been an absolute shit show. Ive been Ill, Mikey B is stuck working, and Ty is in the god damn hospital. 

Thankfully we have a golden angel from the past to make things all just right...

Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight we welcome back to the show, Oh No Radio Show Alumni: TOM BARILE!

Had to call in the big guns for this one as the usual boys couldnt make it, so Tom drove all the way down from Atlanta just to be apart of the show. Along with him is a good friend of the show, artist extrodianre and the creator of our very own ONRS FYD Unicorn, Raymon Klecker.

GOING EVEN FURTHER WITH THE CRAZY LINEUP. 2 of Owen's best friends Gina and Travis also pay a long overdue visit to the studio and have some fun with our nonsense.

Ty gives us a call from the hospital and we get a full recap of his medical situation.

Mikey B gives us a call from smoko and we get a full recap of his taco situation.

Ty is almost a pirate, wizard, lizard.

Clips are amazing as always.

and the world isnt so shit when it has a little OHNO in it.

Thanks for tuning in.


Love you all, thanks for listening 

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