ONRS - Ep 342 - Gaze For Days

ONRS - Ep 342 - Gaze For Daze


Hey folks, welcome back again! In this edition of the Oh No Radio Show, Ty and Mikey B actually decide to show up for a show. We get the update on Ty’s Gangrenous foot, Mikey B’s awful fryer burn and Owen’s state of mind. We ramble about moms christmas newsletter’s, the people that go to yard sales, and the return of the snake’s at Owens house.


In Clips we deal with:

- A Christian youth group train wreck

- A kid that loves Monster energy ULTRA drinks

- A man with no teeth that loves inspirational messages

- and a poor kid forced to yodel at walmart by his mom… and the remixes the internet was kind enough to give us

To Watch all the Clips, click this thing...



The second segment brings us some broken windshields, new florida beach laws and Owen’s new plan to sail the Northwest Passage. 

Oh yeah we do a Verses with Amputees in honour of Ty’s foot.

And Mikey B brings us some good fortunes from his pocket.

All and all it was a super fun show and we hope you enjoy.

See you next week

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