ONRS - EP 378 - Cant Neg Aids Like That (Xmas Special)

It's the Oh No Christmas special! 

Honestly, its not really, its more of a regular show, but its still fun nonetheless.

We do discuss this and previous Christmas traditions, holiday pornos and the lack of Hanukkah erotic films.

We discuss

Ty almost dies again

Mikey B hates the holidays

Janine joins the shit ship

Owen has butt problems

The Orlando Gay Chorus is great

Old men breathing on my neck in line at 7-11

Will Smith looks like a fucking idiot as the Genie

Weed Advent Calendar

Fireball was made by the devil

and amazon packages never showing up on time

We do some Clips!!! Play some OHNO CASTING COUCH and play some rad music for you as usual.





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