ONRS - EP 381 - Punchable Faces

Tonight the ONRS is back with its regular crew...Sort of...

Mikey shows up 30 min into the show, but has a decent excuse, i guess, more on that later.

We talk about Marlboro eliminating cigarettes, Hulk Hogan, and Owen's recent experience in a "Founders Box" at the Amway Center for Monday Night Raw.

We challenge Samantics to a Basketball THROWDOWN. John Cenas hair and of course do some CLIPS.

In the second segment we hint on why Mikey wasn't with us last week, Join the patreon to find out the rest as that story will be up very soon. (Patreon.com/ONRS) 

We also talk about inappropriate escape rooms, and the big topic of the night. 


Enjoy the show

Much love as always for listening





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