ONRS - EP 383 - Night Sweats and FYRE

Well tonight is certainly a different show from the usual. Our buddy Mikey B is MIA, but in his absence we have our best show friend Travis fill his spot. Along with Travis is another long term friend of the show and our resident GAY, IAN!!!!

But thats not all folks, because tonight is something special, tonight me and Ty of the Oh No Radio Show welcome Owen's Wife Theresa to the program...

Yep its real, it gets real. 

We talk bed sheets and Ex's, shoot some vodka in the break and get even wilder about the Fyre festival.

Dont miss this one.
Love ya

Sorry its a day late.




Next thursday EST 8:30 at Twitch.tv/onrslive

give us a call or leave a voicemail at 407-906-6466

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