ONRS - EP 436 -The Wooks Kill the Vibe

Yeah so, wooks sounds like a terrible word, but i dont think it is... according to urban dictionary it means: 

wook is a hippie without any ambition, motivation, or drive other than drugs and image. They're generally in their twenties, college students (or dropouts) at small-town liberal colleges (such as Appalachian State University) and dependent on an income other than their own. 

Wooks tend to travel in packs, they smell strongly of patchouli and are in constant search for free drugs. One of the defining characteristics is an excessive amount of unkempt hair, usually in dreadlocks. 

So we talk about that a bit.

We also take a call from Matt from Kentucky or something... Then Sam from samanticspodcast.com called to give me shit about not putting together the bowling tournament.

Dont worry. It's coming.

We talk about songs that ruin the vibe at bars,

shirt sleeve button science

a Wook monopoly board game

Trustworthyness of fat vs skinny people

Theresa boils me in the house

ADX Florence Maximum Security Prison

Suction cups are stupid

and of course we celebrate Ty's birthday.





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