ONRS - EP 473 -Viennetta and Peeing on Bleach

Because of air conditioning do people hear less crime? Dead silence In fl when the weather is nice.
Will Ammonia pee on bleach kill you?
Revered neighbors lose cat, see my transgressions
Mexicans don’t use blinkers
$85 12x16! How high are you? Good for you if you can get it.
Do Americans know about Viennetta?
British people hate macaroni and cheese. PB&J
Sleeping with the windows open
V for vendetta, why did V have to imprison evee? Seems way to much.
Got a real xmas tree
Owens brutal hangover
Wills pub needs help to survive / go fund me
Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones jr
Thanksgiving verses with Ty's Mom
Cranberry sauce vs gravy
Mashed potatoes vs green bean casserole
Turkey vs ham
Light vs dark meat

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