ONRS-EP240-The ass pimples and the bug zapper really tie the pool together

ONRS - EP 240 - The ass pimples and the bug zapper really tie the pool together

The boys are back and tonight were doing what we do best by shooting the shit about our general everyday lives. It turns out about half the show is dying and or in constant physical pain, Owen is an exceptional gift giver and Ty’s pool is quite the gem. We talk stories of our youth, puking antics and of course ass problems. Buddy Dyer is all about that weed, Ted Cruz says no to jerking off and Zack loves BOGO chicken. Owen has sweet pool tricks.

On the break we interview Producer and Writer of the feature documentary “Wrestling Alligators” Udy Epstein. We chat about his latest project and what it was like working with the Seminole indian tribe and their transition from an extremely poor community to one centered around the wealth of the gaming industry. “Wrestling Alligators” is debuting at the Florida Film Festival this weekend, for tickets check out www.floridafilmfestival.com 

Heres the films info

In Clips we check out how to challenge a grizzly bear, freeze drying pets and peaches.

In the second segment we listen to some herbie hancock, internet problems and analyze some cartoon anti drug PSA’s. 

Its another one for the ages.

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