ONRS- EP296 - Jouncing, Jumpcuts, Mothermoon and Bowling Tourney Talk


Hey guys, Owen here with another shitty show description.

Tonight we talk about: (in no particular order)

-Getting paid to drink for the cops

-Owen's pool bday celebration

-Owen's bday hangover

-Remaking old tv shows

-Whos the new Corky?

-Sensory Deprivation tanks

-Ty being 4 hours late to work

-the 2017 Deathpool

-Autistic people can be shitbags too.


Of course we talk a good bit about our upcoming event:



in which multiple Central Florida podcast friends of the Oh No Radio Show will compete for the right to be the first ONRS PERFECT GAME CHAMPION!!!

Sam from Samantics Podcast gives us a call to give us some shit about our rule to which Dabz from Burn it Down Show calls in to defend. Later Jflow also from BIDS makes some valid points. 

Point being, The full rules to the tournament will be posted this weekend and we all just hope you are nice to each other and have some fun with us at the event on June 16th....Or dont whatever... Heres to some healthy competition and may the best podcast win. 


Also heres the CLIPS playlist for the week.



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