ONRS - EP375 - Freestyling About Lizards

The show is back on its regular Thursday schedule with its regular dudes, but this show is anything BUT regular. We discuss Ty getting a knock on his door from a 4ft iguana, Owen's experience with a terrible airbnb, and Mikey's aversions to blue berries.

We do some clips as usual, but in the second segment Owen busts out a flash drive he found at a rap concert. It includes a ton of fantastic "beats" which the boys use to destroy the rap game. For real, Oh No Freestyled hard on this show. If thats not enough to give this episode a listen i dont know what is.

Oh, and JT $$$$ of the Podcast Mafia calls in with a sweet verse.

Thanks for listening, make sure to subscribe to us on apple podcasts, spotify, twitch.tv/onrslive and of course, Fuck your dreams and Eat a bag of dicks.



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