ONRS-EP409-Bug Spray in Mouth and Needles in Eyes

Another episode of the Oh No Radio Show is back with ya boys from the hood. Well not really, but Mike B stops by for half a show, so that was nice. He was apparently way to busy recording his other podcast, and or making tacos...Probably tacos.

Anywhat-the-fuck. Tonight we have special guest, listener and friend of the Oh No Radio Show, and superstar bald Orlando actor Brian Wynne.

Brian tells us of times past whilst working in shitty restaurants. We tell tales of dinner theaters and terribly themed eating establishments and even rant about a smelly guy at 7-11.

Of course we do clips

Of course Mike B shouldnt get rabbits

qne or course we talk about someone getting surgery and needles to the eye.

We love you, Thanks for listening





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