ONRS-EP418-Speaking Backwards with Bayne

Hey guys, Owen here, Little drunk, but ill try and summarise the show for you.

Our buddy Shawn Bayne stops by for the first time in the studio and we all have a fucking blast. Things get a little weird at the start as Owen's "friends" speculate on whats on his computer after he tries to show them a picture of his angry lawn tortoise. Speaking of which, Owen's Tortoise apparently likes menthol cigarettes. Other than that we discuss;

Burger Kings bringing back smoking.

A time when hearing the word S*** on TV was shocking

Orange Cassidy

El Flaco

and much much more.

We also get to discover Shawn Bayne's weird talent. He can say any word backwards almost immediately. We talk about how this came to be, how he does it and even put him to the test.

To end the show we even delve into the dark depths of our phones in our final segment "Nation of Masturbation".

Mikey has a cookie and we do some clips.

Check out "The Deep Field Now" at Wills Pub on Nov 18th.

You wont be dissapointed


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