ONRS- Facebook names and MySpace Dicks

ONRS- Facebook names and MySpace Dicks

Once a week a group of four degenerates gather together with some microphones and dick jokes... They then attempt to do the unthinkable... say something that makes them laugh. 

That ladies and gentlemen is the ethos that is the OHNORADIOSHOW! Tonight we start off pretty heavy on the subject of space dicks, you know, dicks from space, fantasy alien penis'. Ty returns after a 2 week hiatus of almost dying, Zack wears some red sweat pants and Tom goes Barile all over this shit. 
The rest is as follows:
-Worf from star trek rules
-Mongoloids isn't a nice thing to say
-Skeletors dick fell off
-The big show has a small weiner
-No one gives a fuck about Avatar
-No one wants to ever bang Hillary
-You will never see an old midget
-Durex condoms want a condom emjoii
-Some people are scared of bridges
and the best trumpet ever heard at a wedding
Duncan calls to give us a blizzard and space dick update. Donia follows suit with a call about her battle with Facebook. 

All around a great time had by all, Don't miss this show!
leave us a voicemail: 321-332-0186 or Skype ohnoradioshow

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