ONRS - Icelandic Diabetic Hip Hop

Its a fantastic night full of fantastic possibilities as ohno sets sail on another voyage. We start off with just Owen and Ty as Zack is finishing up his college finals. Theres good and bad news tonight, which one do you want first? Ty bums us bums out with his diabetes, as we make light of a pretty crazy ty health development. We can make light, and we do, but we could all be paying more attention to our well being. Owen asks listeners to call in and yell at ty and a couple try. Donia catches up with us and gives us an art basel update right as Zack joins the show on 2 hours of sleep in the last 40 hours. Zack has a lot to be happy about tonight so we let him off the hook.  We hit all the favorite segments, jam some icelandic hiphop and so much more. 

just listen you goon.
leave me alone I’m on vacation.
mixlr.com/ohoradioshow (live 8:30pm EST)
leave a voicemail @ 321-332-0186 or Skype ohnoradioshow

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