ONRS - Invaders of the Florida Film Festival

Hey kids, Tonights show is a slight departure from our usual nonsense as we actually have some fairly legitimate guests. We invite new friends of the show Tighe and Jason in to the studio to talk a bit about their new film “Invaders” and promote their appearance at this years Florida Film Festival. We learn about the world of Film Festivals and get some fun background on the industry in general.

Before i go much further have to say that its very important for us all in town to support cool ass shit like the Florida Film Fest. Its one of the best offerings in town when it comes to prestige and annual events and Orlando could really use some credit for something. That said, you will love this short “Invaders”, it’s very well produced, looks like it cost money, and even features a couple of faces you might recognize from this past season of “the Walking Dead”. 
Owen pretends to know stuff about movies, we discuss indigogo and kickstarter and there impact on film and the future of the industry as a whole. The guys stick around while we get to our usual bullshit as we even check out some awful movie trailers. We sample our bag of dicks and everyone is pretty impressed. Thanks Donia! 
We get into awful businesses, picking up chicks at walmart and of course close the show with some PRODUCTS.
If you’d like to see any of the clips featured on the show CLICK RIGHT HERE!
For all show times to see “Invaders” @tweetinvaders or any other fine films head on over to www.floidafilmfestival.com 
Love you all
Live shows every Thursday, 8pm EST at www.mixlr.com/ohnoradioshow

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