ONRS - Kaleigh Baker Little Girl Blue

On tonights show is just Owen and Tom holding down the fort with some of the most interesting guests to ever grace the oh no radio show studios. We are graced by the presence of Orlando music legend Kaleigh Baker, fellow musician Andy Matchett and all around bad ass Jessica Pawli. Kaliegh and Andy give us a run down of how they met, there careers and there upcoming show at the Orlando Fringe Festival, Janis Joplin - Little Girl Blue. Jessica gives us a brief history on fringe and we are luck enough to get an in studio music performance from Ms. Baker. 

After the break we switch things up and invite old friends of the show Travis and Jeff to shoot the shit with us. We check out the hot fire of Dave OG, youtubes latest rap star, take a couple calls and of course check out everyones favorite PRODUCTS!
Thanks for listening, as always, eat a bag of dicks

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