ONRS - Marty McDurst Day

ONRS - Marty McDurst Day - 10-21-15
Its a Wednesday show, Its just Owen, Ty and Zack. Owen is going on vacation, so heres a rundown...
Its Back to future day and we talk about Western movies, Zack having a gaping dick hole in his pants and how much Scientology e-meters cost. Duncan calls in and talks with us about the church of scumbagology, Non erect cum shots, Totes mcgoats and his enemy the trash horse.
We discuss Brian Wilson the "Texas law hawk" How Back to the future predicted 911, and even get into some Urban Dicktion.
The rest of the evening goes about like this:
-Huey Lewis and Fred durst got in a fight
-The pines are the towers, the towers are the pines
-Ty made a pact in high school
-Road trips, weddings and wedding attire are a pain
And then as promised, we close the show with some products and Kmart music...
Products Tonight include
-Ember coffee mug
-Sprays for all body deodorant and instant hard dicks
-The ejaculator - hands free Vr porn device 

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