ONRS - Moist Sleepy Asians

Now that the thanksgiving's are all done, we can get back to a regular Thursday show with our usual nonsense. Tom's out still, partying down in the bahamas while the rest of us carry his ass and the ohnoradioshow to glory. Its Owen, Ty and Zack this evening getting weird, but what more do you expect from the shit ship. In brief heres what happened:

-Its a moist evening and people hate that word
-Ty goes over his weekly puke count and were all impressed
-Asians are sleepy
-Beaners get a bad rap
-Octopi might be aliens
-Zack doesn't fuck with the ocean
-Owen tells you the whole synopsis of the movie "Tusk"
-some guy gets backstage access by faking a wikipedia article
-Kim Jong Ill facts
-Boats are driving down I-4
-Psy is back and still awesome
-We check out a new band, Piñata Protest. Mariachi Punk Rock
-Then we bust out some Clips
-We try and figure out the history of PF Flyers and Converse based upon Ty's shoes and we learned of tire shoes.
-Products include, the "Flame Buddy, the Ready Sip, Check my temp, Farties and the Zombait."
-Mikey Avalon and fishnets.
and of course, bags of dicks to feast,
leave a voicemail @ 321-332-0186 or Skype ohnoradioshow

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