ONRS presents Smells Like Quarantine Spirit Episode 13


Hey there fellow Pandemic people! We are back in action again with an all new episode. We took about a month down and boy a lot happened during our hiatus. On today's episode we review all the hiatus news including Tom thinking he almost had Covid and getting tested, Finally pulling the trigger and having to postpone of September wedding and a smathering of what's going on in the country currently with good ole Covid-19.


Also on the show Tom talks with his old pal Peter Sudol up in New Jersey about how life has been for him during this whole pandemic situation. Tom and Peter wax about plenty of topics including Peter's job in real estate and how his industry has pivoted to the new post Covid life. Thanks as always for listening and we will try and get back with another new episode shortly! Stay safe, wash your hands and wear those masks people! Later! 


CLIPS and THINGS played or mentioned on today's episode:


INTRO SONG - Kyan Palmer - Quarantini

OUTRO SONG - Gordon Anderson - Funemployment



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