ONRS presents Smells Like Quarantine Spirit Episode 6


Sup Quaran-pals! Back again with another episode and unfortunately less toilet paper than we had last week. Oh well! On today's episode we get into a plethora of various topics. To name just a few we wax about the current depressing Covid-19 news per usual, discuss the latest charge for state's to open up their local economies earlier (our state Georgia being first to lead the charge, we get into the actual businesses that have been given permission to open up like BOWLING ALLEYS and MASSAGE PARLORS for some reason, we delve into the political genius of President is with his latest recommendations to inject yourself with disinfectant and light, listen to the prime minister of Sent Meerten lay down the law about gathering "essential food" and commiserate with families, married couples and roommates all over the world who are just plain sick of each other. Enjoy, wash your hands and don't boot Clorox into your veins! 

CLIPS and THINGS played or talked about on today's episode:

INTRO SONG - U CAN'T TOUCH THIS - Covid-19 Edition by Nick Savino

Sent Meerten Prime Minister laying down the lay at a COVID Press Conference

Article and Video about TI and what he's doing about the re-opening of ATLANTA


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