ONRS presents Smells Like Quarantine Spirit Episode 7


Boy O' Boy we are back with another episode folks and do we cover some ground! Let's just say this episodes takes us on a walk down memory road (more a walk back to the good ole 90's) and we of course chat about the impending doom and gloom of Covid 19 and our lives in isolation. Some of the shit we cover on the episode to name a few are discussing the state of the film/tv industry and what networks like the BBC are doing to start up work again, talk about how everyone is going stir crazy and with states opening back up again (*cough GEORGIA) people are slowing starting to acclimate back to normalcy but to what end also how other states like Michigan are up in arms literally with protestors storming buildings with guns thinking they are combating tyranny, we deep dive into how the 90's TV show "Dinosaurs" had a depressing final episode which foretold our future with climate change, remembered the show "Little House on the Prairie" and how even they had an episode that dealt with quarantine and finally play some Table Topics and remember how fun it was to be a kid during summer along with various other topics.

CLIPS and THINGS played or talked about on today's episode:

INTRO SONG - Friends Parody (COVID VERSION) by Michael Rose

BBC talks quarantining cast and crew to ramp up TV production again

The Final Episode of the 90's TV show DINOSAURS

Even Little House had a Quarantine episode

OUTRO SONG - Don't Want to Miss a Thang parody by Five Times August

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