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Tonight gets a little Swervey as the shit ship set sail with a special treat. Its the usual gang manning the rigging, but in tow we have been graced with the presence of a very special guest. Ladies and gentlemen, in studio tonight is Animator, Podcaster and all around badass Swervey Jones!

We talk a bit about his work, make some awful introductions and Swervey falls in love with my frisky pussy. Swervey explains the meaning behind his moniker, Owen tells a tale of a strange medical condition he had when he was young and we explore exactly who He Man was. Skeletor pops up along with Lynard Skynard, we discuss what would need to breed to create a Falcor and explore some voice actors responsible for some of our favorite characters. 
Magneto is a dipshit who gets out smarted by a wooden gun, the adventures of Pete and Pete was ahead of its time, Iggy Pop is awesome and Owen’s never heard of Ultraman. 
On Tonights CLIPS we explore:
-guys sunbathing in weird places
-some chinese people fall in a hole
-subway now serves maggots
-a guy really doesn’t want to get towed
and Walmart is the worst place to work on earth
Owen keeps getting calls from an old friend who has no respect for the show, hannah leaves us a voicemail by accident and we even get a call from our Mile High correspondent Duncan. 
Products pops up in the second segment with some new umbrellas, dirty feet, new sports and some new gesture control bullshit for your devices. 
All in all, we had a great time hanging with Swervey and hope to have him back sometime soon. For all things swervey, check out www.swerveyjones.com or hit him up on twitter over at @swerveyjones.
For all clips and products mentioned on tonights show, check out the youtube playlist below:
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leave us a voicemail at 321-332-0186 or Skype: ohnoradioshow
and of course as always EAT A BAG OF DICKS!

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