ONRS - The Bill Cosby of Lizards

Tonight we welcome the sailing of the full crew on our grand shit ship. Tom is back from his Holiday Hiatus and we are welcomed by a very special guest. Zack and Ty are here, but what else were they doing, thankfully Ty brought his younger sister Angela to the show and being the horrible people we are take full advantage of "Ty Tales". Stories about Ty told by his sister. Angela also learns of all of Ty's nipple fetishes and our chat room accurately names the show. 

Of course Duncan calls, wouldn't be a show without him! and we let him know, Oh No is going to Denver for the wedding. Duncan also envisions a new game called "Hipster or Homeless" and we get into some serious link banging. Tom and Owen discuss getting fucked over by a web developer and the future of OhNoMedia, which thankfully is looking better now than a few weeks ago. So look forward to a new website soon to make your oh no experience a little less shitty.
Were rebounding for the new year and hoping for some Powerball glory! Enjoying some Beers and getting dirt on one of our own.
You'll Love it.
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