ONRS - Virtual Reality with Gary Glitter

Tonight the full crewe is back together again. Zack tells us tales of mardi gras and his time being glitter boy, while Owen explains that the theme park mardi gras is the real mardi gras. Tom is back with stories from his travels in the west, including tubing in park city, experiencing sundance and virtual reality. We talk about having sex on hover boards, meeting the Hanson’s, and predator 2.

And then we talk about Gary Glitter…
We ask the question Is it ok to like art made by a horrible person?
and then play even more GG on break.
Owens lawn guy trims the poison tree
-Bill Cosby covers Sgt. Peppers lonely hearts club band. For Real.
-Australians should stop pouring beer on basketball players
-Big Little - Big Dick (the new jam)
-Diabetes Robot

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