The Earful Episode 10



Welcome everyone to THE EARFUL, a delicious piece of new content from the minds over at the OH NO RADIO SHOW. This bonus show will feature a countdown of songs we have been enjoying within our ONRS community giving you all a taste of musical variety and maybe even turning you onto to something you'll like! We hope to do these shows often and would love your feedback and input as well on what we should be listening to. Now let's kick out the jams with episode 10 (DECA DOSE!!!) of the Earful! 

Tracks played on this episode of The EARFUL:

Top of the show - “Death Sells” by Watch TV & The Primetimes - off Discolexia - 2006

Dance electronic goodness

1 -LVL UP- “The Closing Door” -  off Return to Love - 2016

LVL UP is an American lo-fi band from Purchase, New York

2 - Clor - “Good Stuff” - off Clor - 2005

Clor was a short-lived five-piece band from Brixton, England, formed by Barry Dobbin and Luke Smith in 2003

3- Yuksek -  “We Love” - off Nous Horizon- 1952

Pierre-Alexandre Busson better known as Yuksek, is a French electronic music producer, remixer and DJ. Yüksek means "high" in Turkish

4-  Yma Sumac -  “Gopher” off mambo! - 1999

Yma Sumac, sometimes spelled Yma Súmac, was a Peruvian–American soprano. In the 1950s, she was one of the most famous proponents of exotica music

5- Goat - “Goat Slaves” - off Commune 2014

Goat is a Swedish alternative and experimental fusion music group.

6- Rag’n’Bone Man - “Human” - off Human- 2017

Rory Charles Graham, better known as Rag'n'Bone Man, is an English singer-songwriter.

7- Escort - “Cocaine Blues” - off Escort- 2010

Escort is an American nu-disco band based out of Brooklyn, New York. Co-founded by Dan Balis and Eugene Cho, including lead vocalist Adeline Michèle, they are known for their modern and live dance music sound.

8- Mustafa Ozkent- “Dolana Ay Dolana” off Mustafa Ozkent Ve Orkestras Genclick …. - 2007

Mustafa Özkent is a Turkish musician, composer and arranger. Best known for his 1973 album, Gençlik İle Elele, he also earned a reputation as a demanded session player, arranger, and producer

9- Lewis Del Mar - “14 Faces” - off Lewis Del Mar - 2016

Lewis Del Mar is an American Experimental pop duo from Rockaway Beach, New York City. Consisting of singer and guitarist Danny Miller, and drummer and producer Max Harwood

10- Kaleo - “No Good” - off A/B - 2015

Kaleo is an Icelandic blues/rock band that formed at Mosfellsbær in 2012

11-In Flagranti  - “Radiation Level” off In Flagranti Edits - 2016

In Flagranti are (Sasa Crnobrnja & Alex Gloor)

12 - KAYTRANADA- “Weight Off” - off 99.9%  - 2016

Louis Kevin Celestin, known by his stage name Kaytranada, is a Haitian-Canadian DJ and record producer.


So our sponsors demanded we come up with a new segment so we did! Under The Covers pits the original performer of the song off against the artist who covered the same song. Who did it better? We discuss….


ORIGINAL by TV on the Radio off 2014’s Seeds

COVER by Chilly Gonzales off 2015’s Test Pilot Chilly Gonzales Remake

Make sure to check out all the past episodes of THE EARFUL over at OUR PAGE RIGHT HERE! Stay tuned for future episodes and make sure to check out these artists online if you liked any of the tracks you heard on today's show. Also if there are songs, artists or albums you think we should be listening to please leave them in the comments!


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