ONRS - A New Era of Vagi-Steams and Jazz Juice

ONRS - A New Era of Vagi-Steams - 2-12-15

With time comes age, with age comes wisdom, with money comes boobs! Its another long ass show tonight but you all get graced by a new theme song which helps set the pace of some very dramatic oh no news. People come and people go with the beginning of a fresh year for all scumbags far and wide. We discuss the future an take a call from Etchie from Rampant Radio's "Answer Pants", Ty tells us about his broke ass truck...AGAIN and Tom does some shit on twitter. (PLUG: www.bugasalt.com)
Theres plenty of clips and even some products in this bad boy. You can find them all over on this weeks you tube playlist. We talk about our new shirts and stickers and even mention a possible new Bonus Super Group... "The Crisp as Fuckers"...
Theres a lot of Vagina talk on tonights show, from yogurts to steaming. Automatic head lights make people retarded road hazards and Ty is starting a kickstarter to help him retrieve a new car. In return Ty will also be supplying dick pics from across the nation, if thats your thing. Jazz Juice....Jazz Juice.

Jamie Lee Curtis...Penis? yes or no?
Ty brings up his porn habits, which now feature Scooby Doo Parodies. Owen gets called out on not knowing anything about clotted cream by Mark of Waxinglyrical via voicemail, as Owen forgets to use his own songs. We dive into the reality show Repo Games, the harshest child punishment ever and Gweneth Paltro's Puss.
We play some tunes and take a break. Then we do a second segment. I can't be bothered to recap another hour, so how about you just listen to the thing. Also someone get me a Smart Stone.
Love you, Eat a bag of dicks.
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