ONRS - EP 501 - Butt Mirrors, Chode Pimples and Derek the Hero

• June 18th, 2021

Onrs - 6-17-21 - ep501

Chode pimple
Going to The commission hip hop bar
I’m sore from the pool. Backflips
Is Derek still croccing
Owen is mad at the shit weeds
I hate the new Apple podcast app
Have you ever paid for a porn site?
  • going to get cheeky
Picking up theresas stuff, ghost office
Is steve An asshole? Scooter story
Who is our youngest listener?
Do animals have the same reaction when getting kicked in the nuts?
Does it count if you shit your pants in your house?
Mikeys puppet bum
Medical quiz for Derek
Helping out the landlord


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OH NO RADIO SHOW - EP 500 - The Grand Return

• June 11th, 2021

Onrs - 6 -10-21 -Ep 500


Pregnant women eating mud/ dirt

Sexy red curtains

Junk bugs / turn into weird insects

  • Japanese video game where you snowball over things and get bigger

Smells of death in the shed / across the fence

Fence rat

Should I try to become friends with the neighbor that races his rc car. Hippie ?

Owens belly, is he a small or medium?


Tifu - car racing Dick

People eat cicadas



No Grand return of a former member of the show

No huge announcement for an event....



Casting couch: the ohno cast




Mikey b


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Oh No Radio Show - EP 499 - German Alf and the Amazon Jackoff Box

• June 4th, 2021

Onrs 6-3-21


Owen gets a haircut, feels forced to trim beard, feels better about life


Getting wasted on Memorial Day

Hangover man


Been pushing my mower, going to get buff


Interested in if the neighborhood people wave to me more


Owen meets a friend


The 500


Owen is still mad at white claw


Very mad at Mikey for still not bringing the camera


If someone knocked on your door and asked to use your bathroom, would you let them?


Theresa wants to steal mangoes


The Amazon box


The red hot chilli peppers suck/ so do incubus


Have you do you go to the movies by yourself?


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ONRS - EP 498 - Croc Jobs

• May 28th, 2021

Onrs - 5-27-21


Owen gets mad at ziplock bags


Extreme lawn care / weeds on the fence

Manual mower - owen is sore


Wasp spray is rad 


Going back to work after a year plus / the end of the beard/hair?


How did people of the ancient world trim beards?


When we’re scissors invented?


Most inappropriate jobs for us all

Owen working for a church


Mikey b gets wasted in the morning again, calls tom and Dan. Mikey b drunk 


Why do some sunflower seeds taste so good ? Some so awful


Owen had the runs now can’t poop but feels the need to 


Repost this for money memes


Casting couch 



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ONRS - EP 497 - Cane Fu, Agro Hospitals and Ty’s Sister

• May 21st, 2021

Onrs - 5-20-21

Owen goes to st pete

First thoughts/ intimidating/ everyone looks hot

St pete is hipster Tampa

Artesianal pizza beer place

Air bnb 

The pool

Next day pool is / way cold / no balcony/ don’t use the dishwasher

Met with Travis

4 daughters brewing

Trolly/ old man tour

Art stores / feeling like you’re going to destroy everything by accident

Milk road

Going out at night for a beer at a bar and getting hit on. Lewis the dog and Travis are chick magnets

Putting sun tan lotion in my beard.

Hangover. Beach. Feeling like shit and going home. Then having to clean the house.

Does ginger puke because we’re here?

Have you ever used viagra for fun?

The hall of fame

Are we nerds for going to the historical museum?

New segment

What would you make out of Lego if there was an Orlando Lego set?

Lego set of your life?

-what would make a good Lego set?


-hulk coaster

-eola fountain

-Epcot ball


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ONRS - EP 496 - Scissoring over the toilethausen

• May 14th, 2021

Onrs -5-13-21


Owens birthday


The 2021 gas freak out


Owens trip to st pete


Owen loves killing ants / amdro


Owen is a scissor pube man


Danhausen and teeth


Some ziplock bags are annoying to close


Casting call - beach shows / movies


Thunder in paradise

Karate kid


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ONRS - EP 495 - John Maul and Sugar Shrimp Poops

• May 7th, 2021

Onrs - 5-6-21


Random creeper/ outdoor camera


Owen makes kind of a table


Theresa is convinced chicks want to bang me because of my beard


Owens great grandfather’s toy cars


Pet peeve/ Americans using British slang like “mate”


Throwing up with a beard


People Claim Eating Old Raw Meat Gets Them High


Owen does a virtual job fair / going back to work


People getting vaccinated at Publix


Owen is dumb and makes a chicken soup for cinco de mayo


Apple Watch to detect blood alcohol level


Owen needs a new lawn guy/ the end of vinny the Italian racist 


Casting couch : 


Family matters


Home improvement


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ONRS -EP494 - The Great Gravy Debate

• April 30th, 2021

Onrs - 4-29-21

Bikes with no pedals for kids

Your room as a kid

Did you ever own a lava lamp? Black light? Strobe light? Incense

Owen and Theresa walks. Went from one to over 2 miles

Mikeys new car

I think less of people that have large font on their phone

The Great Gravy Debate







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Oh No Radio Show - EP 493 - Puppets, Pubes and Meth Paintings

• April 23rd, 2021

Onrs-  4-22-21

Your beard should be longer than your pubes

What animal has the worst life?

Vax #1 experience/ hating needles

Methhead art

Any 420 celebrations?

Should we do Tik tok / clubhouse?

Puppet Man


What do you call the game where you knock on a door and run away

Scottish - chappy

English- Knicky knocky nine doors


Tactical Hat calls in and Mikey is rude


Casting couch - pandemic the movie




De Santis





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Thanks to Derek for helping us out and donating to the show over at:


be like him.


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ONRS - EP 492 - Off Putting Jesus and Trusty Pussy

• April 16th, 2021

Onrs - 4-15-21

Owen hates non Christmas wreaths

Owens farts are sinister since smoothie life

Owens sexy new rack

Cat with no collar

Owens foot towel

Biting pencils 

Did you know: that Joey Ramone, lead singer of the Ramones, was born with a parasitic twin growing out of his back

How does that work?

Did you know : it took 3 grips to restrain Sean Connery from killing the Camera Man on the set of Zardoz (1974) after the Camera man accidentally opened the camera and exposed a days worth of film. That day's filming involved Connery in heavy makeup, which he hated, so he was furious to have to film it again

Johnny moonbags With the news

oh and Clips








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ONRS - EP 491 - Shrimp Kitchen Shoe Dick

• April 9th, 2021

Onrs - 4-8-21

Stories about being naughty as a kid

Knowing you were doing a bad thing

We should egg houses on the Saturday before Easter instead of Halloween.

Also I married the right woman, went on a walk around the neighborhood this evening, Theresa says, I should get up early tomo, go for a walk and steal all the eggs.

Theresa is a bad ass/ vaccine

Raelian people/ cult documentary / Africa

Jump starting a Prius

Forcing me to wash my car

Deep cut in thumb

Mike b has fans/stalkers / standing outside of a Walmart

Owen wants a Tesla/ guy laying completely back on i4

Invention Segment / Invention man







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ONRS - EP 490 - Kevin Bacon is Better than Dennis Quaid

• April 2nd, 2021

Onrs - 4-1-21

Do you think wrestlers have role play sex as the gimmick?

Favorite video game songs: taxi drivers must die

App that makes you trip: lumenate

Dennis quaid < kevin bacon

No Santana since Sunday, but now we get to hear the Hispanic woman on her phone bitching about her boyfriend.

Do you like getting high and watching drug lord documentaries? El chapo tunnels are cool.

Do you get mad when people guess their presents?

Digital picture frames are weird, they make you want to constantly change the series of photos because you can, but if it was one photo on A desk you wouldn’t think about it.

Don’t post your vaccine cards you idiots


Casting couch Recast the cartoon Doug / but it’s an adult Live action movie


Ah real monsters






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Oh No Radio Show- EP 489 - Wax My Blades

• March 29th, 2021

Onrs -3-28-21

The term for Nickelodeon’s slime in the uk is gunge

Migraines suck

Frankie Muniz has no memory

Loud ass neighbor/ horrible voice / Santana marathon

Not trying to shame, but furries are weird. Voice over singing commercial. Duncan sells his sowing machine

Fucking Miami family scumming things up

Should I rent my car?






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Oh No Radio Show - Ep 488 - 6 Pound Boobs and Dikembe Mutombo

• March 19th, 2021

Onrs -3-18-21

I judge people that back in to parking spaces

Theresa has forgotten how to drive

Owen is a smoothie man now / ninja blender

Planting a pineapple

61b boobs

12 cent metal detector

Dikembe Mutombo commercial - geico - not in my house -no no no no no

St pattys day / Mexican food

Pollen crazy

Why do I always sweat so much?

Armpit stains

Rob zombie - munsters casting couch

Johnny moonbags reviews







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ONRS - EP 487 - Dick Appropriation

• March 12th, 2021

Onrs - 3-11-21 - EP 487 - Dick Appropriation


Racoon sharpening nails on clothesline pole


Overweight 7-11 clerk brags about doing her first eating competition


Did you use to play dead arm/ dead leg ?

Stupid kid games


The funny bone is stupid


Would owen be a good tour guide?


Taking ginger to the vet/ light on counter bummer me out, take that shit down


Everytime I see a light up dog leash I feel like I’m living in the future


I judge people for driving certain cars :

Shoebox cars, matrix’s, Prius, volt, dart


Stranger at 1 am says arent we all so lucky?


People think I’d make the best drag queen


Female birth control squirt


Mike B’s Helicopter Story


Johnny Moonbag Reviews


Casting couch - royal family


Princess Diana

Prince William

Prince Charles

Prince Harry

The queen

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