ONRS- EP 405 - The Broken Clavicle

• July 19th, 2019

Full summary tomo

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ONRS - EP Barile and Spooky Vaginousis

• July 6th, 2019


Hey guys, its Owen, tonight TOM BARILE stops by and we talk about things. Im done.... Good show description right?





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ONRS - Mexican Food Sex, TJ and Postmating Children

• June 28th, 2019

Owen and Crew talk about children delivering postmates, mexican food sex, and all of our dads fight.

We explore the best porn star in history, "Guilo Del Pico", Cool Whip, and Florida crab boats.

Mikey almost gets run over, gameboys, breakfast funerals, and Bill and Gloria. 

Just listen. its fun

we love you all

patreon.com/ONRS $2 a month! DO IT

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ONRS - EP 402 - Chuck Norris Is an Old Turd

• June 20th, 2019

We said it here folks. Chuck Norris is an Old Turd.

Do you need much more to listen?

Weve got clips, weve got downtown trump mania, weve got hoes in different area codes, weve got old town roads, and of course OPINIONS ON EVERYTHING.

Enjoy the greatest show with no need to brag. 


what ya gonna do?




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ONRS - EP 401 - Snake Mics

• June 14th, 2019

On Tonights show:

Tesla Drivers are assholes

Mikey B wants to shoot arrows

Keanu might be an asshole undercover

and of course

Snake microphone dreams.


Patreon.com/ONRS - $2 Bonus shows now.

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ONRS - EP 400

• June 8th, 2019



Its Episode 400. Owen and Ty Reminisce about the past and get a tad tipsy in the process.

We thank all of you that have made it this far on the journey and we personally want to let you know that OHNO doesn't ever stop.




Seriously stay tuned.



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ONRS - EP 399 - Vegas and Kens

• May 31st, 2019

Tonight was a truly fantastic night. Ty was unfortunately held down by work obligations, so i (Owen) called in the backups. To help me keep Mikey B inline, i recruited long time friend of the show Ken Kar....whatever the fuck from Full Frontal Nerdity Show.

We talk about homeless people with cars, Las Vegas and "Crossing the Line".






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ONRS meets ONW - Owen Goes to Vegas

• May 25th, 2019

So Owen goes to Vegas for a pretty big wrestling show. I know Wrestling might not be everyones thing, but this show has much more that just your standard graps. Regular show next week, thanks for listening and as always. Eat a bag of Dicks.





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ONRS - EP398 - Cockadoodle

• May 17th, 2019

Tonights show features a host on a birthday week who asks the question, "How old is too old to get wasted on your birthday?". Owen, Ty and Mikey B also discuss the good times that can be had with a drink in a go cart. In Clips we take a look at Granny Hubcaps Dreams, a Blind Man's Penis, and the childrens show ZOOM. 

Later on we talk about a neighbourhood rooster named, Cock a Doodle that has become quite the internet sensation. 

Johnny Moonbags stops by with the news, and we all lament Owen's forehead pimple.




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ONRS - EP 397 - You Gotta Be

• May 9th, 2019

Cant be bothered to write this show description bull shit.

Enjoy the show.

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ONRS - EP 396 - Wookies, Products and Moonbags

• May 3rd, 2019

ONRS - EP 396 - Wookies, Products and Moonbags

We honor Peter Mayhew in our own way, hear about tys truck, and even talk about Dane Cook and stand up comedy.

We do some Clips, make fun of comic book cry babies and even get to THE NEWS WITH JOHNNY MOONBAGS.

It's another fantastic episode of the Oh No Radio Show

Make sure to EABOD, Tune in over at Twitch.tv/onrslive

Leave us a voicemail at 407-906-6466

FYD and all the rest


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ONRS - EP395- Ronald McDonalds Dog and the Crack Commandments

• April 27th, 2019

Tonight ONRS welcomes our good friend Travis back to the show. Its Owen, Its Ty, Its Mikey B, its the usual nonsense you've come to love if your listening to episode 395. 

On this show we discuss,

-Owen wants to get toe shoes

-Working for the corporate devil

-Vehicular Snake Homicide

-Body Language experts 

-Active Shooter drills

-Travis' trip around the world

-Waking up early

Later on in the show we get a visit from local newscaster Johnny Moonbags with the latest in headlines.

Then we try and equate Biggies 10 Crack Commandments with our everyday lives.

Love you.

See you next week




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ONRS - EP 394 - Big Top Blood Toilet

• April 19th, 2019

Well that was a night. Pretty Prettyyyy Ptretyyyyyy good show.





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ONRS - EP 393 - Drones and Johhny Moonbags

• April 5th, 2019

Tired of writing these, do you really need them?






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ONRS- EP 392 - Shame Ty Shame

• March 30th, 2019

Ty deserves to be shamed. This is that show.

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