Oh No Radio Show - EP 479 - Birds on a stick

• January 8th, 2021

2021 off to a hell of a start

Thoughts on the incident yesterday 

Ty's Mom

Mike B has a strange poop schedule

Pre show rituals

pinch punch first of the month

Raccoons on the roof

Getting my first covid test

Ty takes a trip, gets stoned

If animals evolved in different places

Hangover krystal campaign, now I still have a hangover and the shits

Vienetta is back! Thanks to us!

Gular - Mouth Breather

Nub Massage











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ONRS - EP478 - Dancing Robots and Dogs Playing Poker

• December 31st, 2020

Onrs - 12-30-20


When do people realize they are color blind?


My cat judges me when I’m high


Fruit flavored tums 


Mad at lawn guy


Xmas recap

Owen insults cooking


Mikey meets an old friend


New Years resolutions


Dancing robots


Chef will




Dogs playing poker








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Oh No Radio Show - 2020 Holiday Special

• December 24th, 2020

Onrs - 12-23-20

Owens interior design 2.0

Getting better at the sex, lasting longer, period sex

What do you do with a lost dog?

Simon Sez is a turd

Owens beard Is good

The cat was found

Should I sell my car?

Is it trashy to put another persons trashed Xmas tree on your porch?

Owens a boxer now

The curtains are the best and worst thing ever. Sleeping even later

Owen wants to buy a small RV

The Saga of Chef Will






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ONRS - EP 476 - Stamper not a Stabber

• December 18th, 2020

Onrs 12-17-20


Neighbors might be doing porn, lighting umbrella


Going on a 6 mile hike


Ohno hall of fame


Gray beard hairs/ beard oil


Peg bundy was hotter than her daughter on the show


How long would it take for you to freak out in a completely dark room that had no discernable exit?


How long could you last without sight?


Mikey and the homeless woman.


Owens thievery/ interior design


Chopping down my papaya tree


Vengaboys covers 


Tys chicken nugget gang 

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ONRS - EP475 - White Trash Bees

• December 11th, 2020

Onrs - Ep475 - White Trash Bees


Do left footed people drive with there left foot?


How do I get rid of moles? Lawn is like quicksand 


So the lost cat is probably dead right?


Is it wrong to donate my dads toy boat to a toy drive?


Did Mikey suggest he banged 3 times in one night?


The ohno hall of fame


Owen went on tots with ross, told 2 embarrassing stories


Do you have flies in your boxers, peeing over the top or out the bottom?


What the fuck is going on with star wars?


Saw another ufo


White Trash Bee’s


Van haircuts / other possible van businesses



Casting couch

Home alone

Jingle all the way


Die hard





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ONRS - EP 474 - Oh No Court and Peck Cleavage

• December 4th, 2020

Onrs 12-3-20 - Ep - 474

Ty looks older when he shaves, looks homeless


What’s up with TVs popping in the middle of the night?


Shit up house - worse with heat on


Cat farts, silent but deadly


Amnesia stories / unsolved mysteries


Static electricity in earbuds when changing the sheets


The lost version of planes trains and automobiles


Pulling your back wiping


Have you ever heard a cat fart


Oh No Court


Mikey b on trial for ghosting us last week








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ONRS - EP 473 -Viennetta and Peeing on Bleach

• November 29th, 2020
Because of air conditioning do people hear less crime? Dead silence In fl when the weather is nice.
Will Ammonia pee on bleach kill you?
Revered neighbors lose cat, see my transgressions
Mexicans don’t use blinkers
$85 12x16! How high are you? Good for you if you can get it.
Do Americans know about Viennetta?
British people hate macaroni and cheese. PB&J
Sleeping with the windows open
V for vendetta, why did V have to imprison evee? Seems way to much.
Got a real xmas tree
Owens brutal hangover
Wills pub needs help to survive / go fund me
Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones jr
Thanksgiving verses with Ty's Mom
Cranberry sauce vs gravy
Mashed potatoes vs green bean casserole
Turkey vs ham
Light vs dark meat
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ONRS - EP 472 - Back Down From Shit Man and the Brownie Kids

• November 20th, 2020
Onrs - 11-19-20
Happy anniversary to Owen and Theresa 8 years married, 17 together.
Owen heard running water, has to shut off his landlords side of the house, gets soaked on a cold night
Having a printer is nice
Seeing Duncan in person
Full studio clean
Some people can smell ants
Fingerless gloves season
Apple back tap
Byocb no longer podcasting, lots of love
Tys got a working podcasting setup
Thanksgiving traditions
Owen is getting a haircut tomo, what to do?
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ONRS - EP 471- Growing into Sexy Babies

• November 14th, 2020

On tonight's show we listen to the adventures of Owen and his Wife Theresa as they road trip into the mountains and beyond.

We hear about the experience of driving to a log cabin in the middle of no where and the fun that obviously ensued in the hot tub.

Owen has and experience with a Trump Highway train and is none to thrilled.

Have you ever had an experience with a cult? Owen and Theresa did at a place in Brunswick, GA called "The Yellow Deli".

Someone eats total shit in front of a bodega, Ty might be your new customer service representative, and Mikey and Owen have the same hair.

In Clips we learn how to become a Juggalo, the glories of S.H.O.U.T., and explore a weird commercial from 1975 about growing into sexy babies.

We hope you enjoy the show.


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ONRS - EP 470 - Dont Let Me Die In Florida

• November 5th, 2020
Owen helps his brother move
Moving Etiquette
The chicks “don’t let me die on Florida”

Why don’t you ever see lizards at night in fla? 

Mike B's New Job

Hornets nest on Owen's car. 

Friends fucking sucks 


Snickers v Milky Way 
M&ms vs skittles 
Twix v Kit Kat 

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ONRS - EP 469 - HalloWeiner Episode!

• October 30th, 2020



Owen looks like dog the bounty hunter

Mike B is a big cock

Ty Is a large wiener

Dogs cigarette preference

OH NO Is Officially a company!

Spooky Halloween scenarios

Ty will stab a 13 year old



Is Miley Cirus Hot or not?

Owen ditches his costume

Brobible is our news source

People seeing UFO's at Walmart

Mike B wants to have an american gladiator dinner theatre






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ONRS – EP 468 - I like My Movies like i like my Mullets

• October 23rd, 2020

Ty is having a power breakfast, all over his stairs

Mike B got 2 bottles for the price of one

Owen talks about ty's long neck

OH NO loves Martha Sugaowski

Long Neck people, and how they are just a little weird... to start.

Zombie boning

Skating rink songs

Dangly Earings

Tentacle porn and its finer points

Mike B attends his little brothers wedding.


Owen goes mad with power!

Owens date night is ruined/enhanced by the rain




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ONRS - 467 - Ying Yang Little Injured Wang

• October 17th, 2020

Owens seeing aliens

Owens got extreme pains

mikey B's new job

Owens hot dick

Owens new green light

OH NO hates balloons, loves Blowjobs.

all sexual things are better than balloons


MIke B is going to a wedding.

Owen Saw our friend Zach Mills

Owens doing a good job with his pump.

Owens pumps to Dragula!


Check us out live Twitch.tv/onrslive


leave us a VM at 407-906-6466

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ONRS - EP466 - Slap Jack the Gorilla

• October 9th, 2020

Owens back online with a New router and made a new friend at spectrum. Nicholas from Ohio

We all have our hand at pitching new bonus content:

New bit, how long make people guess how long random items are. Or how long something lasted?

Fictional therapy session for a celebrity.


Mikey b's gaming

Ty go pro mowing the lawn video

Confronting a police officer on a needless wellness check for a neighbor

We just made a company

The gorilla glue gorilla is an asshole

Southpark pandemic special

Mikey puts bread in random places when drunk

Owens mountain trip


ohnomedia.com (comingsoon)


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ONRS -EP 465 - Pee Pee Clown and Heavy Metal Sharks

• October 2nd, 2020

On Tonights Show: 

Sharks love heavy metal
what do other animals listen to?
pigs like old country, horses new country
lots of animals and music combinations
Polar bears listen to Bjork and Sigur Ros
Owen watches unsolved mysteries
Spooky pools
Wisconsin Dells crashes the show
Ty sees some eyes staring back at him during his smoko
Ty has the new animal spot
Owen casually looks at dicks

Little Strokin Ricky!
The grumpiest Person you know?
Grump is the dude who shows up upset.
Our good buddy Big Tim needs your help!

Johnny Moonbags and the News


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