ONRS- EP - #243 - Poo Pills and Kazoos

Greetings from the shit ship once again, it is I Owen your captain here with a briefing on tonights events.

Tonight the first shots in the grand PODWAR were fired as we at the ONRS have decided needed to be done.
Long gone are the days of times of peace and positivity toward fellow podcasters, oh no, this has been voted to be boring. So as a show we have declared war on the BYOCB podcast, because fisher called in and was all whiny, but mostly we dont like his hair. This may sound trivial, but trust me people out there, he's got insurance salesman written all over him. 

Anyway, we talk about my awesome solo dance party night, hooters vs winghouse and a guy thats eating shit to fix his gut bacteria. I pimp out shirts and magnets, use the button on the right over there and buy a shirt. $25 Limited sizes. DONATE and give me your email, ill get you a shirt and magnets and shit. 

After the break we play a new guess that tune game with kazoos, trust me its awesome. Also dont forget about the Deathpool thats about to start in the coming weeks on our facebook group.

Heres the link to all the clips on tonights show. Thanks for listening to your new favorite podcast, the best kept secret of podcasting. The show stoppers, the thrill poppers and the smacktalk skywalkers...The OHNO RADIO SHOW


Live show everthursday 8:30pm EST: Mixlr.com/ohnoradioshow

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