ONRS - EP 285 - Oh No Rocky Horror Radio Show

Tonight we were delighted to have Rocky from the Whats The Fuss Podcast with us to do what we do. Tom is rebulding his broken fire damaged tourtured soul of a house existence, its Ty's birthday and he's litterally flying in for the show, and Owen and Zack are just doing what we do a sailing on the shit ship. 


Tonight we all discuss:

Drunk Neighbors


90's jams


The Hand Dryer Takeover

Eating oranges in the shower


As always we pay tribute to the clips of the week with, Bagel Gate, Being mean to pornstatrs, Teenage Mother, and many more.

We do a PUNK ROCK themed verses. 

It was seriously a pleasure to have Rocky in on our show, check out his podcast at whatsthefusspodcast.com

As always... Eat a bag of Dicks


LEAVE A VOICEMAIL FOR US, just let the british chick talk for a bit and it will give you a beep...321-332-0186

or skype ohnoradioshow


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